Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 37: The Six Shooters Gain Back the Power that They Never Lost

The Big Brother 21 Live Feeds were down for the majority of the day. They were down for practicing for last night’s Live Eviction, and then they were down in preparation for it. The eviction saw the end of the “Nella” showmance as Isabella Wang became the latest evicted, leaving her showmance partner Nick Maccarone behind. When the feeds were on, Christie Murphy warned Sam Smith that she might have to use her power to put him on the block if Nick took a shot at her this week.

We also had Kathryn Dunn get upset after another confrontation with former showmance partner Jackson Michie. Speaking of Jackson and Kat, she warned Christie that Nick told Jackson about her trying to target him. Christie was upset that Nick would spread this around and put her game in jeopardy. She noted that she would have to be extra nice to Jackson this week, and she mentioned wanting to call out Nick.

We had two plus hours of the first Big Brother 21 endurance comp of the season. Within the first 20 minutes, more than half the players fell off. However, the final five lasted quite awhile, leaving Analyse Talavera and Holly Allen to duke it out. Neither of them wanted to let the other one have it, and they gave each other playful offers like lasagna and back rubs. Eventually, Analyse slipped, letting Holly become the Head of Household.

Following the Head of Household competition, Kat and Jessica Milagros talked about Jackson and Holly. Jess said she hoped that this wouldn’t become Jackson’s HOH, Kat said she hoped it did because that would piss people off. A few minutes later Analyse entered the bathroom and started complaining how she really wanted the HOH. Kat said she didn’t understand why they play it out so long when they’re friends and both safe. Analyse said she didn’t understand either unless they don’t trust her. She was mad that Jackson told Holly not to jump. Kat then expressed that she hope it didn’t become Jackson’s HOH, Analyse said it already had. She said that Holly needed to grow a backbone.

Sam and Nick were completely worried about this week. To grow their targets even more, Holly overheard them earlier saying the competition was catered more towards women, kind of discrediting Holly’s win. Jackson told her to not worry about that. Christie mentioned that Holly had originally planned to put up Nick and a pawn, but that plan was too risky if Sam won the Veto and took Nick down. Then they would both still be there. They figured the best solution would be to put them both up.

Holly got her HOH room and told Christie and Analyse that they could share the bed with her, because Christie let them do that when she was HOH. Jackson was left to sleep alone. Meanwhile, the Have-Nots apparently ended early because all of them, especially Jackson were enjoying some food and hot showers.

After the competition, some of the houseguests expressed being confused about the rules, which led to so many players getting out so early in it. Holly finds out about Analyse not being happy about Jackson telling Holly to stay up there, so she encourages him to fix things with Analyse. The two talk it out and Analyse said that she’s over it.

Christie talked about worrying that Jackson would take what Nick told him seriously. Jackson also mentioned what Nick said to others, but wasn’t sure if he should believe it. He told Cliff Hogg III that he was safe this week and shouldn’t worry about campaigning to Holly. It was a late night for the houseguests, but Holly should start to do most of her one on ones today. It doesn’t seem to matter though because Sam or Nick will leave this week unless they get a Big Brother 21 miracle.

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