Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 5 Head of Household Results (07/26/19)

We have our first Big Brother 21 endurance competition. Last night, Isabella Wang left the Big Brother 21 house as the first member of Gr8ful evicted. Her departure barely scratched the dominate alliance, because the Six Shooters are still going strong, and they have plenty of options for new allies. Tonight’s endurance could determine if a Six Shooter walks to the finale or has a little bit of a struggle.

There is only one more eviction before the Big Brother 21 jury starts. If all of the Six Shooters make it to the jury portion, then that’s at least four guaranteed votes (if two of them are there on finale night) for one of them. But if somehow the alliance can be fractured and split, then that opens the game wide up. It’s in everyone who is not a Six Shooters’ best interest to go hard for the win. If they don’t, it might be checkmate on Big Brother 21.

This week, we had a sprinkle of hope with Christie Murphy plotting against Jackson Michie, but that hope may have dwindled with today’s events. It will be the only hope of a Six Shooter going after a Six Shooter this week. This week also has  the added complication of Christie’s Whacktivity power. As long as it is in the game, it may be a stalemate with her having the power to just turn the week to her favor, especially if one of her many allies wins the Veto.


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The Comp is called Pose In Ivy. Houseguests had to hang on a piece of propelled vine while being sprayed with different gunk. Before the episode even ended, Nicole and Jessica were eliminated. As soon as feeds returned, Sam, Christie, Nick, and Cliff fell off.

Click the images to get a closer look at this week’s Head of Household competition.

Then Jack fell off. Tommy was the next to fall, leaving only Kat, Holly, Jackson, and Analyse to compete. Jackson falls and then Kat right after him, leaving Sis and Holly as the final two. They tried to plead with each other to drop but both refused. Almost two and a half hour later, Analyse fell.

Holly is the new Head of Household!

Christie and Tommy pulled the poison ivy chip and may have a punishment involving a unitard and being tied together.

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