Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 79: The Double Eviction Aftermath

Following Nicole Anthony‘s Head of Household win and Christie Murphy‘s eviction, the houseguests reacted to being in the final five. Tommy Bracco was a little down losing his ride-or-die and realizing that he’s probably fighting by himself in the game. The other houseguests assured him that he wasn’t alone, and he shouldn’t feel isolated. Nicole also explained her reasoning behind taking out Christie.

She said Christie had escaped the block a few times and she was worried about her doing it again. Tommy told her that he just needed to focus on winning Head of Household and go from there. Meanwhile, with no head of Household competition playing out last night, the houseguests rearranged their room situation. Holly Allen and Jackson Michie continued their own room thing, while Cliff Hogg III, Nicole, and Tommy shared a room.

Of course, Cliff used this room situation as some strategy to get Tommy a little on their side if he wins Head of Household today. Holly and Jackson discussed being so happy that Christie was finally gone. The new four spoke about remaining loyal to each other. Nicole even said if this is the sword she dies buy, then this is it but she wants to stay true to them. They all agreed.

Everyone was excited for Nicole to get her basket. They spoke about how excited they were for her, how her students and family would be proud of her, and that she made the best move for her game. Nicole was overjoyed to get her Head of Household basket and all the goodies that came with it, like unicorn stuff and pictures from her family.

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