Big Brother 20 Episode 4 Recap: An Intense Power of Veto Shock

Sam Bledsoe finds herself in danger this Big Brother 20 week. In order to ensure safety, she desperately needs to win the Power of Veto. Sam has somewhat of a get out of jail free card in her hand, but she’s trying to save that for another week in the Big Brother 20 house.

Big Brother 20 Sam Bledsoe

We know that Sam won a “chance” to return to the game from the App Store twist, if she was voted out within the next 4 weeks; however, in Big Brother, you never want to leave your fate to chance. Steve Arienta also needs to win the Power of Veto or he could be the first houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house. At the moment, Steve seems safe, because he’s an extended member of the alliance F.O.U.T.T.E, but members of that alliance have been planning hinky votes, and shifting their loyalties all week. Bottom line…no one is safe inside the Big Brother house this week.

Deals and Dealings

Prior to the Power of Veto competition, everyone scrambles to decide what to do if they win it. Some players want to use it to force Tyler Crispen to make a big move. Others, just want to play it safe and keep the nominations the same.

Sam decides that she needs to keep her new found power in the Big Brother game to herself.  However, in a very short amount of time, she changed her mind and confided to Tyler about the power but eluded the details.  Faysal Shafaat immediately shared that he won the crap app for the week.  He chose the Hamazon app which delivers ham to him continually, and he must eat all of the ham that is delivered.  Poor Faysal ate so much ham he ended up throwing up.  Big Brother really put it to them this time.

Big Brother 20 Faysal Shafaat

Swaggy C Williams tells Tyler that he needs to nominate Angela Rummans to the block for eviction.  What Swaggy doesn’t know is that Tyler is in an alliance with Angela, therefore, he would never nominate her as a replacement for the Power of Veto. Swaggy is very unhappy to hear that Tyler wants to put Bayleigh Dayton up as the replacement nominee.  Needless to say, Bayleigh does not take this information well when Swaggy relayed the information.

Bayleigh confronted Tyler about why she may be put up on the block as the replacement nominee…through tears.  Tyler asks Bayleigh to trust him about only being a pawn for the week.  Bayleigh doesn’t seem convinced by Tyler promises, but what choice does she really have other than live with is decision?

Week 1 Power of Veto Competition Results

All week, on the Big Brother Live Feeds, the houseguests have discussed the horror of this Power of Veto competition. They made it sound like a Saw movie. CBS and Big Brother apparently had snakes and shock collars. Let us watch to see if it’s as bad as the houseguests claimed.

Big Brother 20 Promo

The competitors for the POV this week are Tyler, Sam, Steve, Swaggy C, Faysal, and Scottie Walton.  This POV is at VimeBro Studios.  The comp consists of 5 different movie sounds stages where the houseguests must compete against one another for the best performance at each studio.  The player with the worst performance at each studio is eliminated.  The last player standing after 5 rounds wins the golden POV.

The first movie studio consists of tokens (likes) hidden in a snake pit where the houseguests must retrieve the tokens from underneath snakes.  The first person to bring back 3 tokens first, wins this round.  Sam finished this competition first while Scottie finished last and is eliminated.

Big Brother 20 Power of Veto

Round two’s studio is at the arctic.  Players must dive into a freezing cold pool and find the tokens at the bottom.  The player to bring back 10 tokens last will be eliminated.  Steve finished first and Swaggy was eliminated.

Big Brother 20 Power of Veto

Round 3 requires the players to stand on a pedestal while paint balls are thrown at them.  During the comp, they must move to smaller pedestals, and the last player standing without touching the ground wins.  Steve fell off the last pedestal first and was eliminated from the competition.

Round 4 has the players wearing shock collars, yes…shock collars.  They must balance a ball on a small platform and bring the ball back to their respective tubes.  The last player to bring back 10 balls will be eliminated.  The POV comp is down to Faysal, Sam and Tyler now.  Sam was the last player to bring back 10 balls and was eliminated from the competition.

Round 5 is at the Sloda set.  Tyler and Faysal must taste different juices and match the flavors.  In short order, Faysal won the round and the POV.  He told Tyler before the last round of the comp began that he would not use the POV.  Therefore, Tyler would not have to put up a replacement nominee.  However, Faysal cam talked and said he wasn’t sure what he would do at the Big Brother 20 POV ceremony.

Week 1 Power of Veto Ceremony

Right at the announcement of the POV ceremony, Big Brother delivered more Hamazon for Faysal.  Once the meeting finally got underway, Faysal decided NOT to use the POV this week.  Therefore, the nominations will remain the same.  Either Steve or Sam will be evicted this week, unless Sam is evicted and can save her game.

Big Brother 20 POV Ceremony

Join us again tomorrow at 8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST for the first Big Brother 20 live eviction.

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