Big Brother All-Stars Week 5 Alliance Update: The Six Isn’t So Slick

Thanks to Kaysar Ridha’s over-the-top eviction speech last week, the alliances in the Big Brother All-Stars house were shook to their core. Kaysar knew there was no saving his game once his ride-or-die ally, Janelle Pierzina, was evicted the previous week. So, what does an O.G. Big Brother All-Star legend do? Blow up as many people’s games as possible on their way out the door, and that is exactly what Kaysar did in his speech given to the house before the last live eviction.

Big Brother All-Stars Alliance Week 5
Photo Courtesy of @89RazorSkate

Although Kaysar had a few points in his speech twisted, he still managed to ruffle lots of feathers and put a big squeeze on the house majority alliance. Kaysar’s most dramatic accusation was that there was a (metaphorical) love triangle between Dani Donato, Nicole Franzel, and Cody Calafiore. None of the accused were amused with this. The result…the Slick Six lost trust for one another which was obviously apparent in the HOH competition played immediately after the Kaysar explosion.

Dani had been pitting her own alliance members against one another from the beginning (with the help of her ally Nicole). In particular, she has been planting seeds against her fellow alliance members Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton, who themselves have a final two pact together. Fellow ally, Tyler Crispen, made Day and Bay aware of Dani’s plans. That was the first rift within the group.

Once Kaysar got everyone on edge right before the HOH comp, they really started to turn against one another. The comp called for players to select the next two houseguests to play against one another. Dani didn’t hide her feelings one bit and selected Day and Bay to compete against each other. In addition, Cody also picked Day to compete when he should have been protecting his alliance members rather than throwing them into the fire.

Once the competition was over, and Day handed Christmas Abbott the HOH win, tempers flared and rightfully so. Cody tried to do some damage control by approaching Day to explain his poor decision to select Day. He explained to her that he was shook and frazzled and said her name by mistake.

Dani knew she really had some explaining to do because she picked two of her own alliance members to compete against each other. She told Day and Bay that she selected them because they had not looked at her all day of the HOH competition. Bay told Dani they had not made eye contact because they heard she was trying to get people to come after them (B and D). Of course Dani lied and said that was not true, but Bay and Day weren’t buying what Dani was selling. That pretty much was the end of the Slick Six.

Big Brother All-Stars Dani Donato

A new all girls alliance is in the making with Day, Dani, Nicole, and Christmas. The only other girl in the house is Bay. If neither Bay or Day win the Power of Veto competition and takes themselves off that block, then one of them will be going home this week. This alliance doesn’t have a solid foundation, especially considering the fact that Dani and Nicole have been plotting against Bay and Day all season. Have tides turned that sharply to trust one another at this point in the game? That’s a big, big ask.

Other than the demise of the Slick Six and the makings of a new girls alliance, not much has shifted in the Big Brother house this week. The Slick Six alliance was put in place to keep an eye on Bay and Day from the beginning anyway. That alliance crumbling is not a big surprise.

The alliance that is running the house all season is the Committee. Please note that every HOH thus far in the Big Brother All-Star season is a member of that alliance, with the exception of Enzo Palumbo. Although not an official member, Enzo is closely connected with every single member of the Committee or in a separate alliance with them. If they keep winning all of the HOH competitions, then we will be watching the six of them fight it out in the end. See you next week.

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