Big Brother 22 Episode 36 Recap: Round 1 Final HOH

This is the final week of Big Brother All-Stars, and we will have the winner crowned in just a couple of days. The final three were set and finalized once Christmas Abbott was evicted by the sole voter, Cody Calafiore, after he won the final Power of Veto competition. Now, either Cody, Nicole Franzel, or Enzo Palumbo will be taking home $500,000 and the Big Brother All-Star title in 2020.

Big Brother All-Stars Nicole Franzel

For those of you unfamiliar, the final head of household competition is played in three separate rounds. All three houseguests will play in the first round, and the winner of that round won’t have to play again until the third and final round. The second round is played by the losers of the first round. The final and most important round is played by the first-round winner and second-round winners to determine the final HOH. The final HOH will choose between the other two houseguests on which one they wish to take to the final two where the jury will vote for the winner.

Week Twelve: A Look Back at the Final Three

Host, Julie Chen Moonves, shared that all three finalists had made the top three in their previous attempts at the game. Enzo made it to 3rd place before he was evicted from the Big Brother house. Cody made it to second place before losing to Derrick Levasseur in a jury vote. On Nicole’s last trip to the final three, she brought home the victory and $500,000.

The Commission was the house majority alliance that completely controlled the game the entire season. The Commission was formed by the Committee which was a final two alliance including Memphis Garrett and Cody. They brought in Christmas, Tyler Crispen, Dani Donato, and Nicole. Enzo was never considered an official member of the Committee, but he was included in most of the decisions and was protected by the group.

One by one, the Commission slowly and methodically took out all of the other members of the Big Brother house. They won every Head of Household competition this season, as long as you include Enzo in those calculations. The dominating alliance stayed intact until they had to start taking shots at themselves with no other choices left in the Big Brother house.

Between the final three houseguests remaining in the game, they won a total of 12 competitions throughout the season. On top of that accolade, neither Cody nor Enzo ever sat for a minute on the block for eviction from the house. Those are some pretty impressive stats.

Big Brother 22 Cody

During Cody’s previous season, he won the final HOH and chose to bring his ride-or-die, Derrick Levasseur, with him for the jury vote. That loyalty cost Cody the game and $500,000. He swears he will not make the same mistake again.

During Nicole’s winning season, she was the first female to beat a male houseguest on finale night. If she was able to pull off another victory, she would be the first-ever repeat Big Brother winner.

Pre-jury Roundtable

The houseguests that were evicted pre-jury got together to discuss remotely all things Big Brother. The members of the roundtable included Nicole Anthony, Bayleigh Dayton, Kaysar Ridha, Janelle Pierzina, and Keesha Smith. All of members of the pre-jury were not surprised at all that Cody, Nicole, and Enzo made it as far as they did in the game.

Janelle feels as though Cody’s biggest mistake is that he had his hand in too many cookie jars. If jury members compare notes, they could become bitter because Cody promised so many different people the same thing. On the other hand, he had the best strategy coming into the Big Brother house, and that has worked well to get him to the end.

Big Brother 22 Pre-Jury

Bayleigh brought up that Nicole has been riding on Cody’s coattail and those actions will not garner her any favors with the jury. Kaysar brought up the fact that she played the same game she played before, and that strategy will not work in the game of Big Brother.

The group felt as though Enzo played an excellent social game considering he was not an official member of the house majority alliance. Enzo is very likable and could win, especially if he is sitting next to Nicole as opposed to Cody. Nicole A. brought up a good point…the player that cuts Cody should win, otherwise, if Cody is in the final two, he will probably take home the prize.

Week Twelve Head of Household Competition Round One

This competition is called BB Scary-Go-Round. The players must stand on a wooden disc attached to the end of a hanging rope. The rope will be moved in a circular motion around an obstacle course of sorts which will bump the players into various items on the course. The speed of the rope circling the course will be increased and decreased during the competition. This comp is not for anyone who easily gets motion sickness.

In addition to spinning around the course, slime is shot up at the players as they pass over a witch’s caldron. This makes hanging onto the rope very difficult. This is an endurance competition, and the winner will proceed directly to the final and third round. The stakes could not be any higher for Cody, Nicole, and Enzo.

Big Brother All-Stars HOH

Enzo was the first houseguest to lose their grip and be eliminated from the competition. All he can do now is sit back and watch Cody and Nicole fight to be the last man (or woman) standing. To make matters worse for the houseguests, rain is now drenching Cody and Nicole as they go round and round.

Cody drops from his rope and Nicole is the winner of the first round of the HOH competition. Nicole will automatically advance to the third and final round where she will face the winner of the second round.

Join us on Wednesday evening, October 29th at 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CST for the finale of Big Brother All-Stars.

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