Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 67 Highlights: Game Over for Faysal?

It was a long Big Brother 20 Saturday as the feeds were down for most of the day. It started with the Veto player pick. Level 6 found themselves shocked and annoyed when Haleigh Broucher got houseguest’s choice and chose Sam Bledsoe to play in the Veto instead of Brett Robinson. Haleigh was about to pick him but Faysal Shafaat told her to pick Sam instead because she was a weaker competitor than Brett, and that made Faysal and Haleigh’s odds of winning Veto greater.

Big Brother 20 Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher

Angela Rummans and Level 6 were upset and started calling Faysal a bully. They then told Haleigh that she wasn’t the real target. It was Faysal. Haleigh then told them that she regretted her decision to pick Sam now. She wish they told her prior to Veto selection.

When the feeds returned, Haleigh was comforting a very upset Faysal. He said this was his competition to win, and he only lost to Kaycee Clark by one point. Meanwhile, Level 6 toasted to another successful Big Brother 20 week. Apparently the Veto competition involved multiple stages, which is why it took so long to complete. It also sounds like a completely new competition. It involved catching balls while going through slime and other gross stuff.

Big Brother 20-Brett Robinson and Tyler CrispenFaysal feeling really defeated told Haleigh and Jc Mounduix that he accepted his fate. He wanted to leave the Big Brother 20 house. He was done with the game. Haleigh and JC both told him not to give up, and that he could win the Battle Back. Angela and group said that Scottie Salton would definitely beat Faysal in the Battle Back.

While the other houseguests were playing the POV, Brett and Tyler Crispen studied. They also ended up solidifying a final two deal.

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