Big Brother 2012 Live Eviction Results: Week 2 Recap

Another CBS Big Brother 2012 cast houseguest will be going home tonight and from the Big Brother 14 spoilers we’ve seen on the Big Brother live feeds the past few days, we’re pretty sure we know who it will be. There have been last minute surprises before, however, so you can never be certain if things will go down as predicted on Big Brother 2012 live eviction results show tonight.

Still, the big question tonight is probably less about who will be the victim of the Big Brother 2012 live eviction results tonight, and more about who will be landing the next coveted Head of Household title. There are a couple of players who are in serious need of winning the HoH competition tonight or they are virtually certain to go on the block for next week’s Big Brother 2012 live eviction.

Who was evicted on Big Brother 2012 Thursday night? Who won the Head of Household Comptition and will rule the hamster cage for the next week? Let’s hop right on to our Big Brother 2012 live eviction results recap and see how it all goes down?


This post contains Big Brother 2012 spoilers about the week 2 Big Brother 2012 live eviction results and Head of Household competition. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened.

Big Brother 14 host Julie Chen has just announced on her Twitter feed that she will be “announcing a BIG game-changing twist on 2nite’s LIVE show.” Bringing back Kara Monaco to replace Willie Hantz (rumor has it she’s been in sequester)? Dropping the coaches into the regular game? Shifting around the players so all the coaches have even numbers after the eviction? What could it be? Hope it’s a good twist!

Big Brother 2012 Live Eviction Results Votes:

Ashley: JoJ0
Ian: JoJo
Jenn: JoJo
Joe: JoJo
Shane: Danielle
Wil: JoJo

Evicted:JoJo Spatafora is evicted from the Big Brother 14 house by a vote of 5 to 1.

Head of Household Competition: “Thin Ice”

  • Ashley scores 4
  • Joe scores 3 & is eliminated
  • Jenn misses & is eliminated
  • Ian scores 9 & eliminates Ashley
  • Wil scores 2 & is eliminated
  • Shane gets a perfect score of 20
  • Danielle gets 12 & is eliminated

The new Head of Household (and boy this is going to irk some people real hard) is… Shane!

New Twist: The possible new twist announced is that America can now vote at on whether or not they want the coaches to be dropped into the regular game. I vote NO because I really don’t give a crap about them. I want to see the new players. The vets have had their chance, some of them more than once. Let the newbies play!

With Shane as the new Head of Household, things are about to get pretty fun in the BB14 house as the deals and scheming rise to a whole new level. He’s already proven to be willing to go against the majority in being the only player to vote against Danielle tonight. Will he be gunning to get her and her coach, Dan Gheesling, out next? Or will he pull a bold move and nominate a strong competitor or two for the block this week?

Join us on the Big Brother 14 live feeds for the post eviction and Head of Household aftermath.

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