This has been one hell of a week for Big Brother 14 cast member Willie Hantz. Following a violent blowup and physical altercation with another houseguest, Willie Hantz was thrown off Big Brother 14. Hantz journeyed back home to Louisiana, only to find himself getting hauled off to another kind of big house on charges of operating a vehicle under the influence.

Police arrested Willie Hantz in a parking lot near several bars in the early hours of Thursday morning. Police were reportedly called to the scene because of some kind of alleged fight, but when they arrived, all they found was a large crowd. According to a report from, Willie Hantz was attempting to leave the scene in his car when he was stopped by police. Hantz allegedly then attempted to briefly flee from officers before being arrested on suspicion of driving drunk.

Willie Hantz, however, says that is not how things went down at all. After posting bail, Willie Hantz took to his Twitter page to deny he was driving drunk and that he fled from police. “I wasn’t driving,” Hantz said. “I was sitting in the driver’s seat with the car running. I know stupid.”

“I didn’t run from anyone. I was just moving my car like the cops asked me to,” Hantz said. “Then they came up and arrested me.”

Hmmm. If he was “moving” the car as he was asked to, doesn’t that kind of contradict him saying he was “just sitting” in the car with it running? After all, moving implies… well… moving.

Hantz says the proof he did not run from cops is in the charges. “If I would have ran then I would have been resisting arrest,” Hantz said. “I don’t know where that came from.” The former Big Brother 14 cast member said the only thing he can do after all this is just to “laught it off. Learn from it. Maybe.”

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