Big Brother 2014 Recap: Veto Meeting Explodes & Eviction Results! 7/10/2014

CBS Big Brother 16 is back tonight and we are looking forward to an awesome, drama-filled night of fun! First up, we should finally get to see the huge smackdown fight that took place after the Power of Veto Meeting. Then we’ll rush onward to the live eviction, followed by the new Head of Household competition. So much to pack into one Big Brother recap!

CBS Big Brother 16 (CBS)
CBS Big Brother 16 (CBS)

We couldn’t believe it last night when CBS Big Brother cut off right as the drama was reaching critical mass after the Power of Veto meeting! Thankfully, we’ll finally get to watch the epic fight we’ve been waiting to see all week on the show this evening. From what we heard in the aftermath of the mess on the Big Brother Live Feeds, it is going to be way too much fun.

If you think watching the Big Brother 16 cast have a massive meltdown at the Power of Veto Ceremony is terrific, just wait! The after effects of this nasty spat will echo through the house like a cannon boom, throwing even the tightest of alliances into chaos.

We know we won’t get to see much of it on the CBS Big Brother 16 show, but it has been absolutely glorious to watch for the past week on the Live Feeds. We can only hope CBS will make sure they give their network viewers all the best moments they can squeeze in.

As always, we’ll be bringing you all the highlights from tonight’s eviction results show in our live Big Brother recap. So be sure to join us right here below at 9PM ET and watch the action with us!

Big Brother 2014 Live Recap: Week 2 #Eviction Results Show:

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Here we go! Host Julie Chen opens the show by saying that there is only one thing you can know for sure. If you name your alliance The Bomb Squad, it is going to blow up on you.


After a brief review of events up until now, we kick off with where we left off last night after the Power of Veto Ceremony. Devin had just saved Brittany from the block with the Power of Veto, and put up Zach as the renom. Thus he betrayed both his deal with Paola, and his alliance with The Bomb Squad. Although, to be fair, Devin did dare him to do it.

CS Big Brother 16 3

Host Julie Chen is looking ravishing in orange tonight as she says neither Paola or Zach thought they would be in danger of going home tonight. But that’s how fast things change in the Big Brother house.

Brittany stands up to say something. She says she knows this will put her butt up on the line. Brittany says she knew Paola would throw the Battle of the Block and she knows what it is like to wake up with a knife in your back. Brittany says Paola lied to her face and if she stays, Paola is her target.

Paola says in her defense, you know how Devin is… She says Devin is not a good person and she would rather drown in a toilet bowl and then stay with him another work. Devin talks about his daughter and Paola responds by saying that his daughter is going to laugh at him because he’s such a liar. Devin says Hayden and Nicole knew Paola was going to throw the Battle of the Block. Paola says Devin did ask her to throw the competition, but she didn’t. Then Devin says that yes she did throw it because he said he would use the Power of Veto on her.

Zach stands up and says now it is his turn. He says he might have to blow up some other people’s game, but don’t feel threatened anyone. Frankie, don’t feel threatened. Paola, you suck at everything. Straight up, it’s no big deal. She says, it’s true. Devin, there is not an ounce of truth in your f**king body. Jocasta’s jaw gapes wide open.

Zach says there is no way in hell he is going home. He has the votes not to go home. He says Devin’s personality changes with the blowing of the wind. He is going after him and everyone else should to. He mocks Devin for crying that he would never compromise his honesty or integrity because of his daughter when he called that House Meeting. (Read up on the full crazy aftermath of the PoV Meeting in our Live Feeds report here.)

Zach says in Diary Room that if everyone thinks Zach’s only goal in life is to get Devin out, no one is going to vote him out this week. Devin says in Diary Room that he really doesn’t care and he hopes they all rip themselves apart.

Caleb is pissed as hell about Devin putting Zach up on the block and Zach for throwing people under the bus. He says he is going to beast mode. Frankie is angry at Frankie and says that people don’t trust him now because of what Zach said. Zankie says he is very sorry and he didn’t mean anything about it. Zach says he doesn’t think it is as big a deal as he thinks it is. He promises that he has Frankie’s back 100 percent. In Diary Room, Zach says his apology to Frankie is totally genuine. Frankie believes that but he is still really upset.

Zach and Paola go after each other outside on the couches. Pao says Zach is a d**khead and Zach says Paola is a total liar saying she didn’t throw the competition. Zach says she is a liar because she didn’t use her glasses and she always uses them. Back and forth they yell.

Devin tells Caleb all they need is six votes and Zach is going home. He wants to replace Zach in The Bomb Squad. He wants them to get Hayden to move into Zach’s spot in the alliance. He calls Hayden up and reveals the whole Bomb Squad alliance to him with Caleb and Frankie as witness. Hayden says he will do it, although he says in Diary Room that his number one goal is to blow up The Bomb Squad. Devin is convinced that he now has enough votes to get out Zach.

Zach is now on damage control and Derrick tells him he needs to not repeat the behavior he had at the PoV Meeting. He said it was good but a one time thing, don’t do it again. He tells Zach he needs to go ask for votes. This is not a street fight, this is a chess board. (Well said Derrick!)

Team America Donny, Frankie, and Derrick talk about who they should vote for. Frankie says he thinks Caleb and Devin are stronger allies than Zach. Donny says if Devin and Caleb has Frankie’s back more than they do, then he is wrong.

Derrick talks to Caleb and says it is better to play it safe until you have to knuckle it up. Caleb wants to know what Derrick thinks they should do. Caleb thinks they can use Paola. Derrick says the problem is that anyone could use Paola. Derrick says Zach wants Devin out and he would never put Caleb up if he won HoH. Caleb says the best case scenario to stay another week is to vote for Zach to stay.

Derrick tells Frankie that they have Caleb to vote for Zach to stay. Frankie says in Diary Room that he wants to tell Devin so he can diffuse the situation to make it work to his advantage. He says Caleb did it because Zach had the votes to stay. Frankie says now The Bomb Squad is now a nine person alliance. Devin says he is out of the alliance and he is going to play a solo game and just work to win competitions. He is going to do whatever he has to for his little girl and make sure everyone else is gone. Frankie tells him to just leave him for last, okay?

Host Julie Chen asks Jocasta to give one word to describe the Veto Meeting. She says “crazy.” Frankie says “insanity.” She asks Devin on a scale of one to ten, how would Devin rate his reiggn. He says a 4 and a half. He does not give a shout out to his daughter and Brittany’s kids like he was saying he would earlier on the Feeds.

Paola says she feels like a winner already whether she goes or stays. Everyone is special, even her and even Zach. Devin, however, has five different personalities and they all suck. Paola says if she walks out the door, she will walk out like a boss. She gives a shoutout to Donny as her best friend. Zach says he feels very blessed to be here and he gives shoutouts to his family and says he loves everyone in the house to death. He says it is in the best interest of the house to keep him because he will do everything in his power to get Devin out of the house. So when you walk into that Diary Room, vote for Paola!

Big Brother 16 Live Eviction Votes:

  • Jocasta votes to evict Zach (and gives shoutouts to her family)
  • Brittany votes to evict Paola
  • Derrick votes to evict Paola
  • Donny votes to evict Zach
  • Caleb (sadly) votes to evict Paola
  • Amber (sadly) votes to evict (my girl) Paola
  • Hayden votes to evict DJ Paola Shae!
  • Cody votes to evict Paola
  • Frankie votes to evict DJ Paola Shae (and tells Julie she is looking fierce)
  • Nicole votes to evict Paola
  • Christine votes to evict Paola
  • Victoria votes to evict (the crazy) Paola

That’s it. With a vote of 10 to 2, Zach is safe and Paola has been evicted.

Paola tells Julie that she blames Devin for her eviction and he sucks. Julie says what about her throwing the Battle of the Block competition. Paola says that 50 percent of her was trying to throw it and half of her didn’t know what to do. She is rooting for Donny and Jocasta in the game.

Zach says he is not sad at all that Paola is gone because she is a huge liar. Jocasta hopes Paola is not seeing this because she loves her so much and stay close to God. Devin says he wanted to help Paola but he didn’t. Donny says she has been his best friend in the house and he loves her. Paola tears up and cries a bit. She says who knew she would be best friends with a 42 year old bearded man in the house. Julie says how could you not love Donny?

Now it is time for the Head of Household Competition, called Underwater Polo. One by one, the Houseguests will step up and hit one ball down an obstacle course of sea creatures to try to get it in slots with labelled points. The two with the highest points will win.

Big Brother Head of Household Competition: “Underwater Polo”

Amber – 17
Cody – 17
Caleb – 21
Frankie – 24
(Cody and Amber are out)
Christine – 4 (she’s out)
Nicole – 29
(Caleb is out)
Victoria – 12 (she’s out)
Brittany – 16 (she’s out)
Zach – 8 (he’s out)
Donny – 20 (he’s out)
Hayden – 17 (he’s out)
Jocasta – 22 (she’s out)
Derrick – 28
(Frankie is out)

Derrick and Nicole are the new Heads of Household for week 2! Congrats all around. Host Julie Chen announces to the audience that all the Houseguests are now wearing ‘activity trackers’ that fans can now monitor at to determine how active or lazy they are, and “it is bound to effect the game.”

Derrick says he is looking forward to a letter and photos from his family. Nicole says she is so excited to be HoH. (And she is bouncing up and down.) Donny says it is very different and very exciting to be part of the show after watching  the show as a fan.

That’s a wrap!


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