Evel Dick Says He’s ‘Fine’ After Head Injury [Photos] – UPDATE

Former Big Brother winner Evel Dick Donato scared his fans on Thursday when he posted a horrific photo of himself with bloody wounds to his head. According to a series of posts on Twitter, Evel Dick said he has no idea what happened to him, but suspects it had something to do with a vehicle impact.

Evel Dick Donato

“Pretty sure I got hit by a car,” Evel Dick said, “but I have no memory of what happened… at all. Pretty sure I have a concussion too.” Check out the gruesome, but beware if you get faint at the sight of blood, it isn’t pretty.

(Click the pics for full size, nasty looking photos.)

 Despite the obviously serious injuries Evel Dick sustained to his face and head, the Big Brother season 8 winner did not initially go to the hospital, even though he said he probably should have.

Evel Dick, who now resides in Dublin, Ireland, swears he had only had “2 beers all night” and he was “not drunk” at the time of the accident, whatever it was. Whatever happened to him, he has no clue, and doesn’t remember anything. Dick did not specify if he was riding his motorcycle was apparently riding his motorcycle, which he recently posted a photo of, at the time of the incident.

Update: Evel Dick finally posted another update on Friday after after 19 hours of silence that had his fans very worried. He apologized for posting the gruesome picture on Thursday night, saying he was “out of it, still am. I think I’m ok, been sleeping, don’t feel so great now.”

He also posted several more new Twitter messages, including one thanking fans for their concern and another saying a friend came by to check on him and will be taking him to the hospital tomorrow to be check out. We have to wonder why he doesn’t want to go immediately… we’ll let you speculate on some reason he might want to avoid hospitals and blood tests for as long as possible.

Evel Dick closed out saying he was “going to take more aspirin & sleeping pills, goodnight.” Fans, of course, responded that this was a terrible idea because aspirin is not good if you possibly have internal bleeding, and sleeping pills are dangerous if you have a concussion. But alas, Evel Dick is going to do exactly what Evel Dick is going to do.

Update: Dick posted more updates last night in answer to questions from friends and fans, saying he is fine, his bike is fine, he was not in a fight, and he had “one beer at each of 2 bars… and was riding bike home…” He also says he was not drugged, or knocked on the head by anyone. “You guys are your conspiracy theories, sheeeesh lol,” he said in one Twitter post. He did find a big scrape on one of the grips on his bike and says all he remembers is “a cab driver yelling at me if I was ok… them remember getting home and everything after.”

Evel Dick said he was going to go to the hospital today, but from the additional pic he posted on Twitter, but so far he still has not gone and doesn’t like he’s in a hurry to do so.

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