Big Brother Producers New Show ‘Relative Insanity’ Premieres Next Week

Created by the crazy producers of Big Brother, a new show called Relative Insanity will premiere on Lifetime April 25. The unscripted, reality TV show will lock families in a room together and force them to compete in Survivor and Fear Factor type challenges.

Relative Insanity 2014 6

Each hour long Relative Insanity episode will feature two dueling families in separate rooms locked up with their “loved ones”  for two days. While they are locked in, the families will compete against each other for a $25,000 prize. The show is being described as “parts Fear Factor, Survivor, and Big Brother.”

Check out Relative Insanity spoilers photos from the first episode below. (Click the thumbnails for larger pics or to scroll through.)

Here’s the official description of the new Relative Insanity show from Lifetime:

For some people, spending quality time with family can be downright torturous! “Relative Insanity” challenges real families to work beyond their issues by locking them in a room together while competing for a cash prize of $25,000.

In each episode, two families, are each locked in a room with their own ‘loved ones’ for two difficult days. During that time, they’ll attempt to outlast and outfox their neighbors next door and earn the most money through physical challenges, wild games and controversial family decisions.

Unaware of how much money the other group has earned, the families will be tempted to spend their winnings on luxuries and household staples to make their stay more bearable. But everything has its price, and if anyone can’t stand the heat—or put up with their family any longer!—and presses the “escape button” to leave early, they put their entire family’s chance of winning at risk!

Sound like something that might be fun to watch? Or do you think it’s a lame idea you’ll avoid like the plague?


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