Big Brother 2014: Robyn Kass on Season 16 Casting

Big Brother 16 is just a few short months away and it’s about time for us to starting getting some teases and hints about the new season! So we when we saw an awesome new interview with Big Brother 2014 casting director Robyn Kass out there, we were hopeful she might let a tiny spoiler or two slip out.

Robyn Kass Big Brother 15
Alas, Robyn did not sneak out any Big Brother 16 spoilers for us to enjoy, but she did give a great interview to all about the process of casting the show each season. She also managed to deftly avoid revealing any tasty tidbits about the Big Brother 2014 cast. We do so love how she skirts around every single question that might even give us a tiny peak at what to expect for season 16.

When asked where they were in the casting process, Robyn didn’t even actually answer the question. She just mostly said “our cast isn’t completely done until right before they move into the hosue.” Which is very true. We remember — was it last year or the prior year? — that we got official Big Brother spoilers photos and a promo video of the cast members and there was this guy in them… and then suddenly he vanished never to be heard from again.

Robyn Kass also refused to say anything about speculation about an All-Stars season or if there would be returning players in any capacity for Big Brother 16. Instead, she just said there are “a million pros and cons to bringing back players and having new players.” For those new players, she did recently release a very funny tongue-in-cheek ‘casting tips’ video for those who are thinking of applying for the show.

As for screening out possible cast mates to prevent potential problems like last year’s racism controversy, Robyn said no one “can guarantee anything that they’re going to do or say and if they do have controversial views, those don’t come up in casting.” She just hopes people don’t say such things this season and that people have learned from watching last year’s show.

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