Big Brother All-Stars Week Six Alliance Update: Committee Rules Again

We are six weeks into Big Brother All-Stars and only one alliance, the Committee, has ruled the game thus far. One of their members has been Head of Household and calling the shots each and every week. The HOH controlling the shots this week is Committee member Dani Donato.

Big Brother All-Stars Alliance Week 5
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The house majority alliance has slowly and methodically picked off Big Brother legends like Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha, Big Brother America’s Fan Favorites like Nicole Anthony and Keesha Smith, and a well-loved houseguest with Bayleigh Dayton who was evicted just a few days ago. With tensions high between Dani and fellow ally Tyler Crispen, will this finally be the week that the Committee finally begins to fall and implode in one another?

Tyler made a grave but common Big Brother mistake when he told Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton that others in his own alliance were gunning for them. Once the dust settled and Day and Dani compared notes, Tyler was sitting right in the center in a world of trouble. Now, HOH Dani is aware that Tyler tried to blow up her game, and Day is doing everything in her power to make sure Tyler is the one sent packing this week to make sure her game is safe.

Once Day knew her ride-or-die Bay was going to be evicted last week, she went to work to save her own game. She managed to pull together the remaining females in the house to form an all-girls alliance. That put Day in a great position, especially considering that the three other females left in the Big Brother house all belong to the house majority alliance. That must afford Day some protection as well.

Major Spoilers Ahead***********************Read With Caution

Now that Dani has put Tyler on the block for eviction, after David Alexander used his BB Basement power to save himself from the block, things are starting to get interesting in the Big Brother 22 house. Finally! Dani’s original block nominees were David and Kevin Campbell with plans to backdoor Tyler later in the week.

Once Day won the Power of Veto this week, the Committee really went into panic mode because it was common knowledge that Day trusts block nominee Kevin and wanted him to stay in the house to protect her game. If Day uses the POV to save Kevin, then Dani will be forced to nominate a fourth houseguest to the block this week. And that is exactly what happened, Dani was forced to put up another houseguest to the block for eviction and got even more blood on her hands. Now Tyler and Ian Terry are the final two houseguests on the block for eviction this week.

Big Brother All-Stars Committee

Although Tyler was Dani’s original target for eviction this week, she seems to be scared to make this move on her own alliance. A premature move on her own alliance in season Big Brother 13 has made her very concerned about repeating the same mistake this season. The alliance has done their job of convincing her to keep Tyler in the game and dispose of Ian. The votes aren’t casted yet, and we all know anything can happen in the Big Brother house within a couple of days.

Unless someone else can win an HOH competition, the Committee will continue to run through other players in the house until only they are left standing. Once that is accomplished, things will get real messy if the Committee can make it that far. There are cracks in many of the smaller alliances in the Big Brother house. Now, its just a matter of how and when those cracks will be exposed.

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