Who Won Power of Veto Tonight on Big Brother All-Stars? (9/15/20)

Last episode on Big Brother All-Stars, Head of Household Dani Donato nominated Kevin Campbell and David Alexander to the block for eviction this week. Dani had mentioned wanting to back door fellow Committee alliance member Tyler Crispen when she spoke to her all girls alliance. The trouble for Dani is that David secretly holds one of the three Big Brother Basement Powers that he won in a special competition last week.

Big Brother All-Stars Dani Donato

David won the Disruptor power. This power allows him to disrupt the HOH’s reign by saving one of the nominees and forcing the HOH to name a replacement nominee. Logic would follow that David would use his power to take himself from the block forcing Dani to pick another houseguest to sit on the block with Kevin. If the POV is used tonight, that is potentially four houseguests placed on the block under one HOH…and that’s a lot of blood on any player’s hands.

BB Basement Power Play

David played the part very well, and he even managed to conjure fake tears trying to convince the houseguests he was so distraught over being nominated to the block. Not long after the block ceremony, the houseguests were told to report to the dining room because the Disruptor Power had been unleashed.

As expected, once David was nominated to the block by Dani, he decided to secretly play his power. David played it off as he had no idea who played the Disruptor Power for him. His power took him off the block and forced the HOH, Dani, to immediately nominate another houseguest to the block for eviction this week. Dani chose Tyler, her own ally and partner in the Committee alliance.

Week Six Block Nominee Aftermath

Kevin was very upset that he wasn’t the one taken off the block, and now he has to fight Tyler for the POV. Everyone knows Tyler is a comp beast, so Kevin’s chances of beating Tyler are fairly slim.

Tyler immediately ran up to the HOH room to talk to Dani to see why she put him on the block. They had just promised one another the day prior that they would not go after one another until only their alliance members were left. Dani swore to Tyler she was not targeting him for eviction this week. She told him she froze and chose him in a panic. Tyler was not buying what Dani had to sell.

Big Brother All-Stars David Alexander

Meanwhile, David is on the other side of the house trying to “figure out” who used the Disruptor Power on him, which took him off the block this week. David went around to all the Big Brother houseguests with tears in his eyes asking them if they used the power to save his game. Everyone in the house is on to David and thinks he is quite comical with his acting skills, or lack thereof.

Week Six Power of Veto Competition

In addition to Dani, Tyler, and Kevin playing in the POV competition, Da’Vonne Rogers, Ian Terry, and Enzo Palumbo were chosen to compete in the comp. Dani wants to keep the block noms the same because if the POV is used, she will have to pick a fourth houseguest to the block in just this week.

This POV comp is called Micro Brews. The players must stack 15 micro brews (the size of your fingernail) in a pyramid using an oversized set of tweezers. This is a fairly meticulous competition that requires patience and some skill. This competition also definitely requires a steady set of hands.

Big Brother All-Stars POV

Day won her first ever Power of Veto competition. Dani wants the noms to stay the same, and when she spoke to Day before the comp, Day said she wouldn’t use the POV if she won it. Now Day is in a pickle as she only told Dani that because she didn’t think she would win the competition. Day and Kevin have a very close relationship. Will day use the POV to save his game forcing Dani to nominate a fourth houseguest this week even though she promised that she would not use the POV if won?

Week Six Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV Ceremony, Day did decide to use the POV to save Kevin. This will help her game in the future and keep Kevin as a strong ally for her.

Dani was forced to name another houseguest (the fourth this week) to the block. She chose her best friend’s best friend…Ian. Yes, Dani picked Nicole Franzel’s BFF Ian to sit on the block next to Tyler. Either Ian or Tyler will go home this week. Join us again Thursday evening, September 17 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST.

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