Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 6 Eviction Predictions-Who Will Be The First Member of Jury?

Daniele Donato-Briones has had the worst Head of Household week of Big Brother 22. One twist after another sent her game into total disarray. Now, she’s completely playing defense instead of offense as she has to pick between one of her allies to go home. Tyler Crispen and Dani have had it out for each other (secretly) most of the season, but they’re both in the Committee, so they played nice as much as they could. Dani decided to nominate him when David Alexander activated his Disruptor power, but Dani immediately backpedaled to keeping Tyler safe this week.


Big Brother 22 Tyler and Ian

Ian Terry ended up on the block because he was the only player eligible for nomination that wasn’t in the Committee. Nicole Franzel has discussed not wanting to see Ian go, but she hasn’t made any major moves to keep him in the game. Ian has campaigned so hard to stay this week, but Tyler’s alliance doesn’t seem ready to let him go.

Ian will work his butt off until the very last minute to stay, but I don’t see it doing much to keep him in the game. What will be interesting to watch tonight is whether the Committee warns Ian that they plan to vote him out or if they let him be semi-blindsided–since he suspects that he may go to the jury house tonight. It’ll also be interesting to see where the votes fall, and whether it’ll be a 4 to 4 vote, 5 to 3, or 8 to 0. Part of me hopes it’s a four to four to force Dani to get more blood on her hands and vote Ian out. This will also make it clear to outsiders Da’Vonne Rogers, Kevin Campbell, and David that it’s them three against the entire Big Brother: All-Stars house.

So who do you think will be going to the jury this week? Tyler or Ian?

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