Who Was Evicted on Big Brother All-Stars Tonight? (9-17-20)

This week’s Head of Household for Dani Donato has been busy, to say the least, in the Big Brother All-Stars house. Dani initially nominated Kevin Campbell and David Alexander to the block for eviction at the nominations ceremony with plans to backdoor her own alliance member, Tyler Crispen, later in the week. Neither David nor Kevin remain on the block this week for eviction. After David “secretly” used his BB Basement Disruptor Power to take himself off the block, Dani was forced to name a replacement immediately.

Big Brother All-Stars Week Six

Under pressure, Dani named her own alliance member, Tyler, to the block in David’s place after she had just promised not to come after him until only their alliance was left standing. Dani was again put on the spot when Da’Vonne Rogers won the Power of Veto and forced Dani’s hand again by using the POV to take down Kevin. This time, Dani put her own BFF, Nicole Franzel’s, BFF on the block when she named Ian Terry as the POV replacement. Dani has lots of blood on her hands this week, and who will be evicted tonight on Big Brother?

Week Six Power of Veto Fallout

During the POV meeting, Dani made it clear to everyone that she was targeting Tyler, and Ian was merely a pawn. This was all smoke and mirrors though. Day revealed she had to save Kevin because he is a strong ally for her in the Big Brother house now.

Nicole had major breakdown because her BFF was placed on the block. Nicole is bound and determined to campaign for Ian to keep him in the Big Brother house. Ian is determined to get the four votes needed to force a tie and have Dani break that tie.

Day explained in a conversation with Dani that she could not take such a big hit two weeks in a row. Last week Day lost her ride-or-die Bayleigh Dayton, and she just couldn’t stand to lose Kevin as an ally the following week.

Ian had a private conversation with Memphis Garrett in which Memphis revealed he doesn’t know who to vote out this week, him or Tyler. Memphis explained that they are both big targets on the block. Ian is a former winner, and Tyler is a runner-up and known competition beast. This put doubt in Ian’s mind about being just a pawn for Dani this week.

Big Brother All-Stars Day and Kevin

Kevin and Day had a conversation about how Tyler has not been campaigning houseguests to garner their vote to stay in the Big Brother house. They are perplexed as to why he’s not out there working to stay unless he already knows he is safe.

Week Six Live Eviction

Christmas Abbott Votes to Evict Ian
Enzo Palumbo Votes to Evict Ian
Day Voted to Evict Tyler
Cody Calafiore Voted to Evict Ian
Kevin Voted to Evict Tyler
Memphis Voted to Evict Ian
David Voted to Evict Tyler
Nicole Voted to Evict Ian

By a vote of 5-3 Ian was evicted from the Big Brother house. During his interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Ian said he would not have changed anything in the way he played this season. He also had no hard feelings for anyone in the house. He believes that getting rid of him was the best play for many of the houseguests left in the game.

Big Brother All-Stars Eviction

Week Seven Head of Household Competition

Dani did not use her BB Basement Replay power and will not compete in this HOH competition. This week’s Head of Household competition is called Hydrant Hustle. Players must assemble a 3-D fire hydrant puzzle. The first to complete the puzzle will be the next HOH.

Join us next Sunday, September 20 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the results of the HOH competition and the block nomination ceremony.

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