Another week, another Big Brother Canada 2 eviction results show! No big double elimination coming this week, but there should be plenty of drama to enjoy anyway no matter who was evicted on Big Brother Canada 2014 tonight.

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We’ve been having some serious vote-flipping back and forth, and there’s always the chance another one might happen while the Live Feeds cameras are off and take us totally by surprise!

The person who was evicted on Big Brother Canada 2014 tonight will be the first to go to the Jury House. We kind of think that is the most miserable time to get booted in a way. Yes, you get the Jury House stipend and get to set around enjoying a paid vacation.

However, you are also still sequestered from the outside world and know you have no chance of getting that huge prize at the end anymore. So you just have to wait, and wait, and wait. And then watch someone else walk away with all that cash. Ouch!

Either Arlie or Adel is going to be the one who got voted off Big Brother Canada tonight and will have to twiddle their thumbs in the Jury House until the finale comes. We have our prediction based on Big Brother Canada spoilers from the Live Feeds on which one it will be, but you never know what might happen between the Live Feeds cameras going off and the vote on the show!

Who will be walking out the door at the hands of the other Houseguests this evening? Read on in our Big Brother Canada recap of the week 7 eviction results and find out!

And here we go!

Power of Veto Ceremony — Boom!

Before the Power of Veto Ceremony is over, Allison whips out her secret special Power of Veto and takes Sabrina off the block. This forces Jon to nominate one of his own and the replacement, and he puts up Adel on the block. So the final two nominees this week are Arlie and Adel.

Lots of talk of this plan and that, with Allison’s vote swinging in the middle. Which of the Sloppy Seconds guys will going out the door tonight? Let’s get to the vote!

Voting Tally:

  • Allison votes to evict: Arlie
  • Heather votes to evict: Arlie
  • Neda votes to evict: Arlie
  • Rachelle votes to evict: Arlie
  • Sabrina votes to evict: Arlie

Who was evicted on Big Brother Canada tonight: Arlie

The Houseguests get a treasure box full of fake passport books and fake profiles with where they are supposed to be from, with props relating to their origin, and their fake jobs, like being a maid. We’re guessing all the info and heritage items props are for the HoH Competition… and they are.

Head of Household Competition:

Round 1: Everyone is correct.
Round 2: Adel is out.
Round 3: Everyone is correct.
Round 4: Heather and Rachelle are out. (And Sabrina said the F word on live TV…)
Round 5: Everyone is incorrect.
Round 6: Everyone is correct.
Round 7: Sabrina is out.
Round 8: Allison and Neda both correct.
Round 9: Allison and Neda both correct.
Round 10: Allison and Neda both correct. Going to tie breaker.

The tie breaker is the closest number without going over. They have to count the total number of nuts from a previous competition. Allison says 350. Neda says 40. The answer is 298 and Neda wins. She is the new Head of Household!

Who won Head of Household for week 8: Neda

And now we have a new twist for the viewers! This season on Big Brother Canada, only six Houseguests will go to the Jury house and the fans will be the seventh Jury member!

There is also going to be another big twist in the house… but it means the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds are going to be down this weekend. Well that just sucks! Host Arisa Cox promises it will ‘be worth it’ but we are still bummed.

* Update: When the Live Feeds came back up… Neda was in the Secret War Room… what?


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