Who will be evicted on Big Brother 17 this week? Sometimes it is hard to tell if there is going to be a vote flip happening the last few days before an eviction. This week, however, we are pretty certain the main target of the house is already set in stone and will be going home on Thursday night.

Big Brother host Julie Chen (CBS)

Big Brother host Julie Chen (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Once the final Head of Household for the week, Vanessa Rousso, had the power to control the eviction nominations, it was pretty much all over for her desired target. Or was it? She wanted James out and she was going to do everything she had to in order to make sure that happened. But her ally Austin, co-HoH this week before being dethroned, had his heart set on somehow getting Jeff out instead.

All Vanessa really needed was for her allies Audrey or Austin to win the Power of Veto and keep the nominations the same.  The problem was, Austin didn’t want to win the PoV. He wanted John to win so he could somehow get Jeff up on the block next to James. When John won the Power of Veto, it effectively screwed Vanessa’s plan to have James as the clean target this week. Now she had to put up a Replacement Nominee, and she didn’t want it to be Audrey, despite half the house really wanting her gone.

So Vanessa started working it hard to make sure she had solid reasons to put Jeff up instead of Audrey. When John took himself off the block, Vanessa put Jeff up beside James, effectively making him the backdoor target of the week.

There are eleven votes in play this week, and although Vanessa can’t vote herself, she still holds the power over the majority block. This means all her allies in Sleeper Cell, The Sixth Sense, and Freaks & Geeks. Plus, the various players her allies have in their side alliances and deals. Even though Vanessa originally had James as the one to go home this week, once Jeff was on the block, he quickly turned into the bigger target. Which makes Austin OH so happy since that is who he wanted out in the first place! The voters who should be on board to send Jeff home include Austin, Shelli, Clay, Steve, Becky, Jason, Jul/Liz, and Meg.


Big Brother 17 - Jeff Weldon (CBS)

Big Brother 17 Live Feeds – Jeff Weldon (CBS)

Jeff’s The Amazing Race partner Jackie has promised him her vote, but already told him there is pretty much no way he can be saved. Johnny Mac has also promised Jeff his vote because, he told Steve, Jeff has just always been good to him. Audrey might also decide to throw another weird vote to keep Jeff just to buck the majority. Even so, that’s only three votes and obviously not nearly enough to keep Jeff from being evicted.

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