Big Brother 2015: Episode 10 Preview – Summer Love! [Video]

The next episode of CBS Big Brother 17 is almost here, and it seems that showmance possibilities are popping up everywhere according to the latest preview. Is everyone in the house starting to feel the need for a bit of summer love?

Big Brother 17 Clay and Shelli (CBS)
Big Brother 17 Clay and Shelli (CBS)
Well, we think CBS might be stretching things a bit to pump up the whole showmance angle in their preview for the next Big Brother 2015 show. Sure, there has been plenty of Clay and Shelli snuggling going on, but other than that we’re actually not seeing that much action on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Yes, Austin has tried flirting with Jackie for game purposes. He’s showed a bit of jealousy over Jul/Liz but we’re still trying to figure out which one he really digs of the two of them. Or if he’s just as confused as we are, even though he ‘knows’ about the twist and which one is supposedly which now.

Then there is adorable John and his crush on Becky. We really want this to go somewhere because he is just so damned cute. However, we just don’t see John and Becky doing the hookup in the Big Brother house.

Still, CBS Big Brother will grab on anything it can get to make it seem like the house is full of lusty players just waiting to get it on at any moment! We’ll see on Wednesday if what they show on TV matches what we’ve actually been seeing on the Live Feeds.


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