Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Will Be Evicted In Week 2? 7/10/2014

The Big Brother spoilers on who will be evicted in week 2 are clear from the Live Feeds. There seems no doubt about which one of the final eviction nominees will be walking out the door tonight. However, if you’d asked us just a few days ago who would be the one who went home this week, we would have answered with a very different name.

CBS Big Brother 2014
CBS Big Brother 2014

After Paola threw the Battle of the Block at Devin’s request (even though she probably would have lost anyway), we thought for certain he would hold up his end of the deal and save her from the block when he won Power of Veto. Devin wanted Brittany OUT and he was quite determined to make sure it was going to happen.

But in a shocking twist, Devin turned his back on Paola and rescued former hated enemy Brittany instead. This came about after a long conversation where she pulled the ‘parent bonding’ card on him. Instead of hating Brittany, now Devin actually has a crush on her!

Even before that, however, The Bomb Squad had already started to implode and Zach made a major mistake when he tried to get his cohorts to stand up to Devin as dictator. By telling Devin that he didn’t agree with his plans for the eviction and that the other alliance members didn’t either, Zach became Devin’s new target. So when he took Brittany down from the block, he promptly put Zach up in her place.

This did not turn out to be a good decision for Devin, however. As The Bomb Squad continued to unravel, many of the alliance members ended up supporting Zach instead of Devin. They didn’t want to vote Zach out as Devin wanted, just like they hadn’t wanted to vote Brittany out before either.

Zach and his supporters were quick to drum up votes from those who wanted to thwart Devin’s plans. Paola, meanwhile, found herself hanging out there without the support of Devin and and his allies to keep her safe. Although Paola still had the support of staunch friend Donny and prayer buddy Jocasta, it just wasn’t going to be enough to keep her in the game.

After counting up the votes, we are calling it firmly for Zach to stay and for Paola to be the one who was evicted on Big Brother tonight in week 2.


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