Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 13 Recap: New HOH & Block Nominees

Before the last episode of Celebrity Big Brother 3 showed us a walk down memory lane, the celebrities were saying goodbye to Carson Kressley as he was the last evicted houseguest. Head of Household, Todd Bridges, set out to target him for eviction and was successful. Carson and Cynthia Bailey tried to flip the house to vote out Lamar Odom, but those tactics did not work.

Tonight, the new Head of Household will be crowned, and the new block nominations will be made. This HOH competition is critical as we are drawing so close to the finale scheduled for this Wednesday. The remaining celebrities include Cynthia, Meisha Tate, Todrick Hall, Todd, and Lamar. They will fight it out for the next HOH and power in the Big Brother game.

Round 5 Live Eviction Aftermath

Carson was a big threat in the Big Brother game. Todd is very proud that he was able to get such a big target out of the game. That was a power move, but can Todd hang with the big kids?

Before Carson was evicted, he and Cynthia talked game plan for her remaining time in the Big Brother house. Meisha and Todrick are solid, so Cynthia wanted to ally with Todd and Lamar to get numbers in the house.

Todd tried to knock Todrick off his game by telling him that he and Meisha will most likely make the final two…but, the kicker came when he told Todrick that he may not have the jury votes to win. He also told him he may not make the end unless he wins the next HOH.

Round 6 Head of Household Competition

This competition is called Spot the Fake, and here is how it works. There are 6 pieces of Big Brother artwork spread throughout the house. There are also 6 copies of the artwork on the Big Brother memory wall, but one of the pieces is fake. The last player to spot the fake or choose the incorrect piece of art will be eliminated from the competition. The last player standing will win the next HOH competition.

In the first round, everyone but Cynthia got the correct answer. She is eliminated from the competition. In the second round, Lamar was eliminated leaving Meisha and Todrick to battle it out. In the final round, Todrick was the first to answer correctly and won the HOH competition.

Round 6 Block Nomination Ceremony

At the nominations ceremony, Todrick (with lots of style and pazazz playing his alter ego, Sara Mony) nominated Lamar and Todd to the block for eviction.

Join us tomorrow night, Monday, February 21, for the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.

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