Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Live Feeds Evening Report — 7/15/2013

With the Big Brother 15 eviction this week seemingly already set in stone, the HouseGuests spend most of Monday being kind of boring on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds… with a few notable exceptions. We did have one nasty little confrontation between Jeremy and Candice, and a whole lot of smack talk going around from nearly all the Big Brother 15 cast members.

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WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers directly from the behind-the-scenes action on the Big Brother Live Feeds. None of this has yet been aired on the CBS prime time show, so if you don’t want to know, move along now!

12:15 PM BBT: Andy, Amanda and Jeremy talk in the backyard. Amanda calls something “retarded” and winces, saying that she needs to stop saying that. Andy and Jeremy think it isn’t a bad thing to say. Amanda tells them how Aaryn said she wasn’t a racist, and then said she would go back to work on her plantation. Andy and Jeremy think the whole racist thing has been blown up too much. Jeremy says he told Aaryn she shouldn’t be worried about seeming racist because her friends will know she isn’t. Amanda says she has not called Aaryn a racist but thinks she is being portrayed as one based on the questions being asked in the Diary Room.

7-16-2013 03-33-16 PM12:25 PM BBT: Helen and Andy are talking game. Helen was really afraid Kaitlin would not use the Power of Veto. She wants to make sure they keep Kaitlin safe for a couple of weeks in exchange for her using the PoV. Andy says Jeremy wants him to get Howard out next because he has been throwing him under the bus with Kaitlin. Helen talks to the cameras and apologizes to Jeremy’s mom for the plan to backdoor him this week. Andy says that if they want Howard out next week, they will have to put Candice up on the block too. Although they like Howard, neither of them trust him and so they want him out. They also think Spencer would be more loyal to them without Howard around. Andy wants Jessie to be in the Jury and Helen agrees. He doesn’t see Elissa making it to the end. They talk about throwing the next HoH to McCrae or Amanda if they could. They really hope GinaMarie does not win the next Head of Household Competition because she’s too much of a wildcard.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Kaitlin make out in the bathroom and he talks about how her family should love him after his last Diary Room session.

7-16-2013 03-39-01 PM12:35 PM BBT: Jeremy says he is going to go out this week with his head up and in a blaze of glory. Candice asks Jeremy if he voted against David and Jeremy says he swears he didn’t. Candice gets sarcastic and says, yeah, he could not have voted against David. Amada chimes in but Candice cuts her off. Jeremy and Candice kind of get into it in the pool over him lying about voting against David. Rewind for the finger pointing and the in your face snarks.

12:50 PM BBT: Elissa and Helen are confident Jeremy will be going home this week and love that the Moving Company imploded. Elissa tells Helen about Jeremy and Candice getting into it. Helen says she thinks most everyone wants Howard out. She also says Aaryn promised her she would not put either of them up if she wins HoH but Elissa isn’t sure she believes that.

1:10 PM BBT: Kaitlin tells McCrae she wouldn’t move to Los Angeles with him because her family is in Florida. Feeds cut. Feeds back. Amanda talking to Candice and asking if she is okay. Candice says she is just pissed off and says Jeremy called Howard a coward. Howard comes in and Candice says Jeremy ratted out the Moving Company like a “little bitch” and he’s the real coward.

7-16-2013 03-40-32 PM1:25 PM BBT: Jeremy tells Kaitlin about his argument with Candice and she says there is no way he won’t get evicted at this point. Jeremy says he knows. Kaitlin tells Aaryn that she really wants Candice out next week.

1:50 PM BBT: Jessie talks about meeting Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong and that they all went back to Lance’s house and had a slumber party. Wait, what? Meanwhile, Candice tells Aaryn that the guys in the Moving Company were all supposed to ‘control’ the girls. Jeremy was supposed to control Aaryn and Kaitlin, McCrae was supposed to control Amanda, and Howard was supposed to control her. Aaryn says that she kind of already knew that Jeremy voted against David.

2:10 PM BBT: Candice and McCrae talk about a possible upcoming double eviction and how maybe someone might come back. Candice says Jeremy warned her that he might come back so she should be careful. Helen and Judd join them and Helen says they need to turn this house around “from being a whore house.” Helen tells them about Jeremy making her cry and verbally abusing her. Helen says in her goodbye message to Jeremy she is going to say, “Have a great time sailing around Australia with your never not pass.” She tells Judd and McCrae they are picking off the a**holes and they are safe. She doesn’t want to be yelled at and abused by Jeremy any more.

7-16-2013 03-41-35 PM2:25 PM BBT: Judd, Amanda and McCrae name their new alliance with Andy the Goof Troop. Jessie is an “honorary” member but Amanda says that she can’t be told the name. McCrae proposes they have a fake alliance name called The Knockouts they can use for people they pull in and out of the group, like Helen and Elissa. Judd says that Helen wanted him to not put Kaitlin up if he wins HoH next but he said he couldn’t promise not to do that. Judd says he doesn’t want to do the showmance thing with Jessie because of how people are putting up the couples.

2:40 PM BBT: Candice talks to Elissa and Andy about the showdown with Jeremy in the pool. Big Brother says it is time for an indoor lockdown. Andy feeds GinaMarie’s delusions by saying he thinks Nick had something special with her. Gina says that Paris Hilton is way worse than Kim Kardashian. Yeah, non sequitur there.

3:30 PM BBT: Amanda tells McCrae, Spencer, Judd and Andy in the Lounge all about Jeremy and Candice getting into a catfight. Aaryn comes in and says she had no idea what Candice was saying. (We found it a bit confusing too, frankly.)

7-16-2013 03-43-29 PM3:50 PM BBT: Helen and Candice have bath time in the Head of Household bathroom. Elissa comes in and talk about which of the HouseGuests would blow the money if they won.

4:10 PM BBT: Amanda talks with Judd and McCrae about it being important to get Elissa out of the house soon but she’s not very coherent about it. She says that “something is up” and McCrae asks if “production” has a strategy (yet another mention of production guiding the HouseGuests’ game moves). Amanda says she can’t talk about it. She says she thinks Elissa is going to try to protect Howard. After saying more of nothing, Amanda leaves.

4:50 PM BBT: The topic of a double eviction comes up again and Aaryn, McCrae and Judd discuss the logistics of it. Aaryn thinks it is mad to have two evictions in a one hour show. (It is.) McCrae thinks it is totally nuts. Speaking of McCrae, they think he’s looking kind of pathetic on his slop diet. He says it is killing him and he’s tired. Aaryn says Amanda is suffering too and it is making her bitchy.

5:00 PM BBT: Amanda thinks the Moving Company actually ended up being a positive for everyone else since the alliance imploded and the guys are now being picked off one by one.

5:05 PM BBT: Jeremy says if he gets evicted on Thursday, he is going to smoke a “big, fat blunt.” Spencer says he hates it that his company drug tests their employees. Then he corrects himself by saying that he gets why they do it. (Yeah, because runaway trains killing people would be bad… but no worries, you’ll probably be unemployed soon…)


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