Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Monet Stunson

Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Monet Stunson

Monet Stunson - BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

Monet Stunson, 24, is the ‘official’ model of Big Brother 12, although several other Houseguests have done modeling work as well. She is from Glen Carbon, Illinois and describes herself as “exotic, active and the coolest person you will ever meet.” This kind of automatically makes us think she is not actually very cool at all.

Monet’s favorite activities include shopping, working out, running and swimming. Which makes her personality come across about as interesting as wet toast. The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Monet was a “lack of privacy.” Well, yeah, everyone hates that. Less boring answer please?

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More Tidbits About Monet Stunson

Monet said she doesn’t really have a strategy going into Big Brother 12, but we think that is, of course, was a lie. We kind of hoped she’d play the slutty girl who tries to get all the guys on her side using her assets, but that ended up being Rachel. Except Rachel only snagged one guy and all the rest of them kind of detest her. 

Apparently Monet is not fond of all the “trashy bimbos” on Big Brother in seasons past. We saw how much she just adored Rachel! Of course, we kind of think Britney kind of fits the bimbo category somewhat too, but Monet at least pretended to really like her.

Monet swears she usually comes off “as really sweet and innocent,” according to People. She said no one would expect her to “lie to their face and stab them in the back to win.” We think she was kidding herself. That’s the first thing we thought the moment she walked in the door.

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Sleuthing Monet:

Monet Stunson in Miss Illinois USA 2008
Monet Stunson (Miss Illinois USA 2008)

Monet is a 2004 graduate of Metro-East Lutheran High School in Edwardsville, IL and began modeling when she was 11-years-old, according to She has reportedly modeled on the runway for Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

Monet is listed as a model on the website, which states it is “committed to bringing our clients both exceptional service and the most professional service in the St. Louis area.” We couldn’t get into to Monet’s model page because it requires a login – which they wouldn’t give us, of course. You can check out some fashion pics of Monet here though.

Monet is also listed as a model under The Campbell Agency, which has a much nicer website. On this site, which includes quite a few hot pics of Monet, the BB Houseguest is listed as 5’10”, 34B/C, size 2-4 with 24.5 inch waist – and size 8.5 shoes, if you care about that sort of thing.

In addition to her modeling, Monet has done her share of beauty pageants (like some of her other fellow female Houseguests). She was 1st runner-up in the Miss Illinois USA 2008 contest. She also competed in the Miss HerrinFesta Italiana 2009 pageant, coming in as the second runner-up.

One of Monet’s proudest moments is her brief appearance on The Young and the Restless after winning a walk-on role in a contest. We tried to find video of this monumental occasion, but sadly failed. We think she should be more proud of participating in the Race for the Cure 5K which she apparently completed in pretty decent time back in June.

Monet’s father, Bonjour Stunson, says his daughter is “very easygoing” and has a “nice personality.” We think maybe daddy don’t know his little girl all that well…

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Our Thoughts on Monet:

Monet was interesting and boring, exotic and yet bland. We thought she’d be seriously nasty both behind people’s backs – and straight to their faces. We were pretty right about that. She obviously REALLY wanted to win and was crushed when she got booted. Like, seriously crushed and weepy. It was sad. She’s a model, but not famous at it and probably not making all that much. She’s a beauty queen pageant girl, but always a runner-up, never a queen. We’re betting she was steaming for a win to call her own at this point.

Chances of Winning:

We didn’t think Monet will take the win on Big Brother 12. We heard talk on the Big Brother Live Feed chats when the season started about her being an early favorite, but we never got the winning vibe from her. Driven, yes. Willing to tread all over anyone in her path, yes. Smart enough to play the game and keep from getting culled? Nope. Indeed, she managed to get herself thrown out on her butt pronto, just like we thought she would.

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