Big Brother 12 Premieres Tonight on CBS

Are you buckled in and ready for your Big Brother 12 Summer of Sabotage? Well you better be because tonight on CBS Big Brother returns for its 12th season!

So far we’ve meet all the Houseguests and if you haven’t seen them then check out their pics and videos. Julie Chen, Big Brother host, took us on a lovely tour of the house (We’ll take it!). We even learned a little bit more about the Saboteur (apparently Julie has already informed the other HGs about this, sigh).

At this point all we can do is settle back and wait for the lights to come on and the Big Brother Feed cameras to go live. Tonight’s premiere will broadcast at 8PM (ET/PT) and the live feeds will turn on at 9PM PT, just after the west coast premiere of the season.

Are you ready for the excitement to begin all over?!

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