Tell the Big Brother 12 Saboteur What to Do!

CBS is now taking your task ideas for the Big Brother 12 saboteur to do to wreak havoc on their fellow houseguests. Go to and connect your favorite social media network (Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo or MySpace) to and then submit your ideas.

Big Brother is also providing the saboteur (who will officially be revealed on the July 15th Live show) with a list of items you can use to help with your task suggestions. The list is as follows:

  1. Duct Tape
  2. Super Glue
  3. Rope
  4. Padlock
  5. Food Coloring
  6. Condiments
  7. Rubber Bands
  8. Wire
  9. Glow in the dark Ink
  10. Beeping electronic device

Rumor has it that the Big Brother 12 houseguests has until the halfway point of the game to NOT be found out. This person will earn money as the weeks go by… the longer they are the Saboteur, the more money they will bank.

Specifics of the twists and who the mole is should be released soon! Who do you think the Mole is? Let us know in the comments section or @reply us on Twitter!