Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Enzo Palumbo

Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Enzo Palumbo

Enzo Palumbo - BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

Enzo Palumbo, 32, is an insurance adjuster and real estate guy from Bayonne, New Jersey. He describes himself as “funny, likeable and obnoxious.” His favorite activities include “jogging, soccer, baseball and bocce ball.”

The most difficult part of living in the Big Brother house for Enzo is “no TV.” Yeah, we feel you on that one Enzo.

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More Tidbits About Enzo Palumbo:

Enzo’s simple strategy for winning Big Brother 12 is: “Winning.” We kind of like short and simple answers, but that is a bit cocky. Enzo can’t stand “dirty people” and wants fans to know he is Italian and “I already think I’m a celebrity.”

This Italian stallion is more than happy to play to the Jersey stereotype, according to People. “When I get into that house, competition is going to be served like my mother’s baked zita,” he says. “That is how I’m going to be playing this game.”

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Enzo is also convinced America and Big Brother is going to love him, he told If he could pick his favorite kind of people to make an alliance with, it would include a “good gay guy. He could play both sides of the field for me. A gay guy’s like a woman in a guy’s body, they have the emotions of a woman but can have the attitude of a guy.” Interestingly, it wasn’t the gay gay – Ragan – that Enzo ended up forming an alliance with. Instead, he hooked up with Matt, Lane and Hayden to form the Brigade. We’d love to see Enzo dump the Brigade and get with Ragan in a secret alliance. That would be too much fun, but sadly, unlikely to happen at this point.

We can’t help but wonder if Enzo might end up being one of those former Big Brother alumni who ends up in gay porn though after that statement about finding a gay guy to “play both sides of the field for me”…

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Sleuthing Enzo:

Enzo has proven to be a hard nut to crack. Searches on Facebook resulted in a few vague possibilities, but nothing solid. Twitter and MySpace were a bust, as were all the other social networks we tried.

We do know Enzo Palumbo claims to have a real estate license in his CBS bio. We found a number of old listings for homes that seem to have someone listed by this name as a contact. We could not, however, track down the license or any solid place of business for him either in real estate or insurance.

Our searches for information were clouded with a number of Italians by the same name, including some random singer guy we are pretty sure isn’t this Enzo.

Our Thoughts on Enzo:

Something just doesn’t seem quite right about Enzo. Everyone has an Internet presence nowadays and he is almost non-existent, if we actually found anything real about him at all. Plus, the reference to loving Bocce ball in his CBS profile is just weird. Yes, it’s an Italian thing, but “Palumbo” is a somewhat well-known name in Bocce.

We initially thought because of all this that Enzo might be the Big Brother Saboteur. Even his name seems rather on the fake side. Turns out, we were wrong – and we admit it – but the guy is still such a stereotype sometimes he doesn’t even seem like a real person…

We thought at first Enzo was going to be one of the leading male jerks of the season. Oddly enough, the Jersey macho guy actually comes across pretty cool. He hasn’t tried to play the women that much and hasn’t hooked up with anyone, which we initially though he might before we learned he was married.  He seems like a relatively decent guy, much to our surprise. Although, of course, this is TV. We have no idea what he is like in real life.

Chances of Winning:

We thought Enzo might make it pretty far just by virtue of stepping on anyone in his path. In a way, he’s kind of working that angle by doing the Brigade alliance thing. We predicted – and continue to predict – Enzo would make it near to the end of the season if he wasn’t booted out within the first few weeks. Right now he is semi-powerful as a member of the Brigade, but hasn’t pissed off many of the other Houseguests, unlike alliance members Hayden and Matt.

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