Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 8 Wednesday Live Feeds Report

On Big Brother tonight, another HouseGuest is headed out the door to the Jury House but they may not be gone for long. In a new twist for Big Brother 2013, the four people in the Jury after tonight’s live eviction will have the chance to compete for a return to the game (and possibly a week of immunity). We’d actually love to see the returning HouseGuest be given Head of Household for the week. That would certainly stir up a lot of drama…


Meanwhile, Helen Kim continues to campaign hard inside the Big Brother 15 house to save herself from eviction but things are not looking good. Her trust in one of her closest allies, Andy Herren, has been crushed and her other closest ally, Elissa Slater, is pissing off everyone in the house. Plus, no one is willing to go against powerhouse showmance couple Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson — even though everyone is starting to realize that one of them is very likely to end up winning it all.

SPOILER ALERT! Warning! The following report contains Big Brother spoilers on game play, alliances, competition results and more from the Big Brother Live Feeds. Please click away now if you don’t want this information!

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Wednesday Highlights

5:00 AM BBT: Amanda is in the Diary Room apparently upset about her medication. Amanda is crying that production won’t give her Xanax because she is having terrible anxiety. We’re sure half the house is having anxiety, does everyone get Xanax? HouseGuests are put on inside lockdown. Amanda finally goes back to bed around 5:40 AM. There were a lot of fish on the Live Feeds, so we’re not sure if she ever got her drugs.

9:40 AM BBT: Production tries to wake up the HouseGuests. This does very little good.

10:30 AM BBT: Helen does her solitary jog around the inside of the house since she can’t go outside. Pretty much everyone else is mostly still asleep. Another slow start to the morning.

8-22-2013-09-09-50-AM11:35 AM BBT: Elissa has finally been persuaded to try to make nice with Aaryn to save her a** next week. She and Aaryn talk about working together and not targeting each other. However, Elissa just can’t let her hatred of Aaryn go and tells her she doesn’t deserve to win “because you are playing Amanda’s game.” Needless to say, these two aren’t going to bury the hatchet any time soon.

12:10 PM BBT: Elissa is still campaigning to save Helen and get Spencer evicted. She tries to convince Aaryn that keeping Spencer just makes McCrae and Amanda stronger and they will be impossible to get out. Elissa leaves and Helen comes in and talks to Aaryn. Aaryn tells Helen that she feels like Elissa is threatening her and she just can’t work with her.

12:45 PM BBT: Helen is crying again, this time with Aaryn. They are upset about the vote and Aaryn seems to finally have a clue that she is in dire trouble with McCranda still in charge of the house. (She should be, especially since McCranda knows that she’s been campaigning against Amanda in violation of their final four alliance.)

1:30 PM BBT: Elissa and Helen tell Andy they know he is going to vote against Helen despite all his lies to the contrary. Andy tries to cover his tracks and says it is something he is thinking of for his game play. He yells at Helen because she is in his face and she apologizes. The love for Andy has gone, gone, gone.

1:45 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Amanda that people in the HoH room have been talking about her. Amanda goes up and demands to know what is going on. Helen swears she was not talking smack about Amanda.

8-22-2013-09-11-08-AM1:50 PM BBT: Elissa and Andy get into it hardcore with yelling and hand waving. He says she was threatening her. She says everyone is being ridiculous and storms out.

2:00 PM BBT: Elissa now becomes the subject of a round of nasty insults and smack talk against her. This is a favorite subject of conversation in the house but this session is particularly mean.

2:20 PM BBT: Aaryn says Elissa is the worst person she has ever met, which is exactly what Elissa said about Aaryn just yesterday. She tells GinaMarie they cannot work with her when Helen is evicted. This pretty much gives McCranda the win in this game if they don’t, because they need Elissa’s vote to break up that showmance.

2:30 PM BBT: Amanda tells McCrae and Spencer they need to go after Elissa and make her so uncomfortable that she self-evicts, as she has threatened to do before.

3:15 PM BBT: Andy and Elissa make up and apologize for getting into it earlier. It’s all game play though and everyone knows it.

4:55 PM BBT: Once again, Helen is crying. This time it is with Elissa. Helen knows she is getting evicted at this point and nothing is working to try to change that. She keeps pushing Elissa to do whatever she has to in order to stay in the game. Elissa is an ugly crier, by the way.

5:10 PM BBT: McCrae is apparently psychic (or just knows his Big Brother history well) because he says he is getting bored with the game and it is time for a new twist.

5:40 PM BBT: Helen starts packing her stuff and this time we think all the sniffling isn’t entirely fake.

8-22-2013-09-14-55-AM5:45 PM BBT: Amanda and McCrae tell Andy they want their final four to be with Spencer, not Aaryn. This is mostly because Spencer has doggedly done whatever he has told and never made any real game moves of his own (except a few failed attempts at lame alliances). Aaryn, meanwhile, is a wild child they aren’t sure they can control and they know she’s talked about getting Amanda out soon.

6:10 PM BBT: Aaryn thinks it is sad that Helen is so upset and crying. Amanda thinks Aaryn is an idiot for thinking it is sad. Amanda’s only known emotions are jealousy, hatred and anxiety — and she has drugs to kill that last one.

6:20 PM BBT: Spencer is paranoid as always before the eviction even though he has become the professional pawn. He is afraid that somehow Helen will get GinaMarie and Andy to flip their votes against him. They should, if they were smart, but they won’t. Amanda says he shouldn’t even bother to pack his bags. He says he will anyway though because he doesn’t want to be an a** (like you Amanda).

6:45 PM BBT: In other very inappropriate comparison, Amanda thinks she is the Dr. Will of this season. That’s almost, but not quite, worse than Helen telling Aaryn she is the Janelle of this season.

7:10 PM BBT: Despite pretty much giving up earlier in the day, Helen says she will keep trying to find a way to stay in the game right until the last minute. Meanwhile, Amanda is freaking out over the question of whether or not McCrae would screw Janelle if she was in the Big Brother 15 house. Seriously, we aren’t kidding.

8-22-2013-09-18-20-AM7:47 PM BBT: Proving that blonds do apparently have more fun, Aaryn accidentally drinks nail polish remover when she grabs the bottle thinking it is her water. That was almost a medical self-evict… Luckily for her, it’s only a small drink and she doesn’t have to get carted off to the hospital. She does get hauled off to the Diary Room after gagging and saying she is going to get sick.

9:45 PM BBT: Another round of Elissa bashing. McCrae says he thinks that production tells Elissa what to say and production smacks him verbally and tells him not to talk about production.

11:05 PM BBT: Some of the HouseGuests worry about how GinaMarie will react when they find out what Nick really thought of her. If she goes back and watches all the Live Feeds, she’s probably going to freak out. He’s been pretty nice about what he says about GM in the press after being evicted though.

11:20 PM BBT: Andy is still harping on Elissa “threatening” him by saying he would be a target if he voted out Helen. That’s how the game works Andy, you are just freaking out because you never had to deal with being a potential target before.

11:40 PM BBT: Helen tries again to get Aaryn to be willing to work with Elissa by trying to convince her Elissa is really a good person, etc. etc. Aaryn couldn’t give a rat’s a**, she hates Elissa so much.

11:55 PM BBT: Aaryn says that if GinaMarie wins the Head of Household Competition, they need to make their own choices this time around. (Or, in other words, GinaMarie needs to make YOUR choices, right Aaryn?)

8-22-2013-09-24-57-AM12:00 AM BBT: Everyone except Elissa gets together to celebrate GinaMarie’s birthday. Elissa is just digging herself deeper and deeper into the sh*t pile.

1:55 AM BBT: HouseGuests wonder if there might be an endurance competition on Thursday. We think probably not with the whole returning player from the Jury twist. CBS won’t have time for all that.

2:05 PM BBT: Aaryn says the Diary Room asked her how much nail polish she drank and why she did it. That’s not as funny as Elissa asking Helen earlier if Aaryn drank the nail polish because she was trying to get high.

2:20 AM BBT: More Elissa talk as everyone worries about her winning Head of Household. They don’t know who she would go after (Aaryn) or who might end up going home (probably Aaryn). We would cackle with glee at this point if Helen was the returning Jury member and Elissa won Head of Household. And then they got Spencer, GinaMarie and Aaryn to go against McCranda. That would be SO delicious.

8-22-2013-09-26-47-AM2:45 AM BBT: Aaryn tells GinaMarie that she thinks someone will come back from the Jury and there will probably be another double eviction.

3:25 AM BBT: Spencer and McCrae talk secretly and catch up on where things are at. Spencer says he wants to keep McCrae in the game over Amanda if he ends up with that choice. McCrae wants Amanda to stay until the final four with them and Andy. McCrae says he would pick Spencer over Amanda and he thinks she would get why. McCrae says he would do whatever it takes, even shaving his head for a Veto Competition punishment. (Production is listening McCrae…)

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