Big Brother 15 Recap: Week 8 Power of Veto Comp Gets Nasty!

Big Brother 2013 host Julie ChenFrom what we’ve heard on the Live Feeds, the Big Brother 15 week 8 Power of Veto Competition is going to be a seriously hardcore battle. More than one HouseGuest ends up bruised and battered by the end of the PoV challenge!

Apparently the person who won the Power of Veto on Big Brother 2013 this time was quite willing to beat the crap out of the other players to claim victory. Find out who was willing to fight down and dirty to win the PoV in our live Big Brother 15 recap!

With both ‘Mom Squad’ alliance members Helen Kim and Elissa Slater up on the block this week, they know there is little chance both of them will make it through Thursday’s eviction. Which one of them goes home could all depend on who ends up as the Big Brother Power of Veto winner in week 8. Both Helen and Elissa want that PoV so badly they can taste it because neither of them feels safe. The other HouseGuests have been trying to convince both of them that they have enough votes to stay no matter what — but both of them are being lied to by friends as well as foes.

Thanks to Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds, we already know who won the Power of Veto Competition and what happened at the Veto Ceremony later. We can’t wait, however, to actually watch the PoV challenge because quite a few of the HouseGuests come out of it looking like they were at the receiving end of a major beat down! And you might not believe who is the person who allegedly did all the beating!

Join us for our live Big Brother recap of episode 24 and watch all the action go down with us right here, on this very page, starting right now!

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Our show kicks off with the usual mini-review of what’s happened this week so far and some teasing words from host Julie Chen about tonight’s episode. We start the action at the end of the Nomination Ceremony where Head of Household Aaryn has just put up Helen and Elissa on the block. Helen isn’t feeling TOO scared at this point because of the whole final three deal she recently made with Andy and McCrae.

Yes, that would be the same final three deal we know Amanda told them to make with Helen to convince her she would not be evicted this week… just in case things go sideways on them. In truth, they are all planning to blindside her and evict her this week. Aaryn doesn’t want Helen to know that though and she wants to make sure her final four deal with Amanda, McCrae and Andy stays firmly in the closet.

Andy and Helen cry together, an experience they will both repeat on the Big Brother Live Feeds all week long for various reasons. Mostly having to do with Andy being a lying, backstabbing sneak. Andy tells Helen he is totally out of the loop about what is going on (which is a lie) and that he doesn’t want to lose her or Elissa (another lie) and more lies and more lies…

Amanda now decides she needs to work Elissa to get friendly with her so when Helen gets evicted, she can manipulate Elissa until they get her out. Amanda wants to make damn sure Elissa doesn’t put her or showmance boyfriend McCrae on the block if she wins the next Head of Household.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Friday Feeds (16)Andy tells Spencer he totally cannot win the Power of Veto Competition because Helen would expect him to use it to save her. Since he can’t do that, she would then know he was a total liar and that could possibly cost him Helen and Elissa’s votes in Jury. Plus, he doesn’t want to make an enemy out of whichever one of them is still in the game next week in case they win Head of Household.

The Veto Competition players are chosen and GinaMarie, Andy and Spencer join Head of Household Aaryn and eviction nominees Helen and Elissa for the challenge. Helen is not pleased that Spencer is one of the selected players because she thinks he is going to be backdoored this week. She is happy that Andy might win because she thinks he would use the PoV to take her off the block. She is feeling very safe with Andy right now and it is sad, because he is a lying weasel about to bite her in the face. (That’s the nature of the game!)

Andy goes and tells Amanda and Aaryn that he is worried about playing in the Veto Competition and he totally cannot win. Amanda says he can’t throw the competition and he shouldn’t be afraid to get blood on her hands. This coming from the HouseGuest who uses everyone else in the house to do her dirty work.

The Veto Competition today will be an infamous OTEV challenge. OTEV, if you are new to this event on Big Brother, refers to the name of the randomly weird character who hosts the competition. OTEV is Veto spelled backwards and the challenge generally involves answering questions about events and people in the Big Brother house. The OTEV host this time is a giant beaver. The weird creature has written love letters to previously evicted HouseGuests and they have been lost. The players will have to listen to clues and then find the envelope that goes to the HouseGuest that is the answer.

GinaMarie, unsurprisingly, is the first person who is eliminated. Helen gets knocked out next by totally frenzied Elissa, who has apparently decided she will step all over anyone she has to in order to win this. In the third round, Elissa knocks Andy right into a log and out of the round. (He ends up with a black eye from that!) Aaryn gets the boot on the next round as Elissa continues to beat off all her competitors (in some cases, quite physically) to get through. In the last round, Spencer and Elissa are neck and neck but she is faster and… she wins!

Helen is really glad for Elissa and feeling pretty good about things because now Elissa will be safe and Spencer will get backdoored and evicted. Right? WRONG Helen, so wrong. Sigh.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Friday Feeds (19)In an effort to gather Elissa into her fold, Amanda decides to break the secrecy of the ‘evict Helen’ plan and tell Elissa that Helen will be voted out this week. She tells Elissa she is totally safe but there is no way she can save Helen. Elissa wants to talk to Aaryn but she is afraid Amanda will decide to target her. She is afraid to tell Helen for the same reason. She tries to hint to Helen by talking about how comfortable Spencer is even though he is supposed to be the target. Helen is starting to figure out something is going on here… and she needs to find out what.

Helen tries to get Aaryn into a new alliance with her, Elissa and GinaMarie in hopes of making sure those votes will go against Spencer at the eviction. Aaryn says she thinks that Amanda is being manipulated by Amanda. Helen knows now that Andy was lying and says that Amanda is going to end up as the winner this season unless they band together and do something about it. Aaryn likes the idea of getting Amanda out but everyone is so freakishly afraid of her.

Amanda makes Aaryn think even more about getting her out when they get into a nasty little fight about something stupid. Aaryn tells Andy that she is sick of doing Amanda’s dirty work and being treated like crap. Andy says that Amanda and McCrae are loyal and won’t betary her. Aaryn says she could put Amanda up and get her out. But she won’t.

At the Veto Ceremony, Elissa uses the Power of Veto to take herself off the block. Despite talking about possibly putting Amanda up for a backdoor eviction, Aaryn puts Spencer up as the replacement nominee. As of right now, Helen is still the target for the house majority and probably will end up with only one vote to keep her, Elissa’s, if that. Elissa may decide to go with the majority again even when it is her closest ally getting the boot.

That’s a wrap! For the latest on what’s going on inside the Big Brother 15 house day and night, check out a two-day free trial of the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds! Join us here again tomorrow night for our live Big Brother recap of the week 8 eviction show.

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