CBS Big Brother works very hard to keep fans from getting through to the houseguests during the season. Problem is, the backyard of the house on the studio light is open to the sky, and that means it’s almost impossible to totally guarantee it won’t happen.

Big Brother 18 houseguests hear someone shouting. (CBS/

Big Brother 18 houseguests hear someone shouting. (CBS/

This season we’ve had several attempts to get messages to the Big Brother 18 cast, including a blow-up doll suspended from a drone! That incident didn’t really have any impact on the game as the prankster involved didn’t take the opportunity to spill any dish to the houseguests with their weird blow-up doll invasion. The latest incident involving someone shouting into the backyard, however, could actually cause real problems and maybe spoil a big alliance possibility in the house.

Earlier this season, the Big Brother 18 cast was startled (as were the Live Feeds viewers!) when a drone with a blow-up doll attached to it was flown over the backyard while some of them were outside. A video posted by the alleged drone flyer shows the backyard has ropes criss-crossed over it to prevent things from being dropped in, so the doll didn’t actually get into the lot. However, it did cause plenty of paranoia among the houseguests, who couldn’t quite make out what was written on the doll.

Turns out it wasn’t any kind of vital, game-changing message to the players that was scrawled on the blow-up doll. It was apparently just someone’s Twitter handle — JUR8BBS18#1, or at least, someone has that Twitter handle although there isn’t much on it. We still aren’t quite sure what the whole point of the stunt was, other than to get attention to someone’s YouTube channel. The houseguests weren’t able to quite make out what was written on the doll, so it made them rather paranoid, but otherwise didn’t really matter much.

The latest intrusion into the backyard is a much more serious matter. Just after 12:15 AM last night, someone managed to get close enough to the Big Brother 18 house with a megaphone or something to shout loudly enough that it was heard inside the lot. Natalie, James, Victor, and Paul were all outside when the person outside the backyard yelled loudly, according to “James, Nicole, pregame alliance.”

Naturally, the houseguests react with shock over the intrusion and the statement they’ve just heard, and then the Big Brother Live Feeds cut to fish. Production, no doubt, rushing to find the culprit and tell the houseguests NOT to talk about what just happened — as that is standard practice.

When Feeds return almost 30 minutes later, no one is talking about the message yelled into the backyard. However, the houseguests can’t keep quiet about it forever, despite what CBS has likely told them about not discussing it. Around 2:45 AM, Natalie and James get into it because she’s apparently pissed about the message saying James and Nicole had a pre-show alliance. James promises Natalie there is no such alliance.

In addition to causing some serious tension between Natalie and James, in the midst of their ‘flirtmance’ already falling apart, the yelling over the wall could, of course, influence the eviction target choice this week. The plan from Victor, Paul, Corey, and Nicole has been to get out Natalie this week, and then supposedly go after James next week.

However, if Victor and Paul decide this alleged alliance between James and Nicole is real, they could possibly influence Corey to flip his vote, but they’d really need Nicole to go along with that plan too at this point. They could push her to prove she isn’t in a deal with James by voting him out, but it wouldn’t be easy. Especially since there has already been some chatter with Nicole and Corey about teaming up with James next week to flip on Paul and Victor!

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