Big Brother 18 Recap: Power of Veto – MacGyver Style!

In our Big Brother 18 recap tonight, it’s a MacGyver themed Power of Veto Competition. The houseguests are excited about the CBS TV show crossover challenge, but it’s way more than just fun and games for veteran James Huling and flirtmance partner Natalie Negrotti.

Big Brother 18's James Huling & Natalie Negrotti (CBS)
Big Brother 18’s James Huling & Natalie Negrotti (CBS)

Going into the Big Brother Power of Veto Competition this week, James and Natalie know that it is looking pretty grim for them come eviction night. Even if one of them does win the Power of Veto, whichever one of them is standing on the block Thursday evening is probably going to go home. So Natalie and James will both be battling to ‘MacGyver’ their way out of this situation if they want to survive the week!

Meanwhile, Corey, Nicole, Paul, and Victor all want the nominations to stay exactly as they are so that the James and Natalie duo gets split up this week. None of them are going to be winning that Power of Veto with the intention of taking Natalie or James off the block, not even James’ former close and fellow veteran Nicole Franzel.

If you can’t wait to find out who wins Power of Veto on Big Brother tonight, and what happens at the Veto Ceremony, you can skip ahead to what’s been going on in the game in our Big Brother spoilers section.

As the nomination ceremony ends, Victor is so thrilled that he is able to seek revenge again on those who have previously evicted him.  Victor got Paulie out the door after Paulie was responsible for evicting him, and now he has the chance the evict James for the exact same reason.  As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Nicole is in tears over the fact that her buddy James is on the Block.  She even admits that she feels like a villain.  As Corey and Victor remind her that Karma is a Bitch!

Big Brother Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)
Big Brother Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Nicole and Corey (Nicorey) and Paul and Victor vow to win the POV to keep the nominations the same this week.  The target still remains James for eviction this week.

Natalie won’t let it go with James that she wanted Corey evicted from the game and James did not.  James realizes that he made a mistake, but he certainly can’t go back and change that now.  Natalie wants to clear the air and pays a visit to Victor and Paul.  She apologizes for backstabbing them and says she made a grave mistake in trusting James.  Paul and Victor can’t believe she has thrown her ‘ride or die’ under the bus already.  Now the house is split on who to evict when Natalie could do such a thing before they even play for POV.

With only six houseguests left in the the game, all will compete in the POV this week.  MacGyver is theme for the POV this week in conjunction with the premiere on CBS on September 23.  Players will be timed escaping three different rooms and the one who finishes the fastest will win the POV and also a trip to the premier of MacGyver.

Natalie is the first HG to enter the race and finishes in a little over nine minutes.  She receives the POV and the other HGs must finish in a shorter time to take the POV from Natalie.  Once the HGs finish their turn in the competition, they get to watch the remaining competitors on TV’s.  Natalie is busy timing all the HGs to make sure she will retain the POV.

Up next, Nicole begins the competition.  She doesn’t finish the second room before time runs out, and her chance is over.  Victor is up next, and he almost beats Natalie’s time…but he does not.  James is taking the wheel now and really doesn’t seem to be in a real big hurry to start.  James fails to beat Natalie’s time.  Here comes Corey.


Corey is a fairly bright guy and seems to do well with this mental comp.  He flies through the first two rooms of the challenge.  Corey finishes the challenge in six minutes and 14 seconds to take the POV from Natalie.  Paul does not finish the competition before blowing up, and Corey has officially won his 3rd POV.

After the competition, the Final Four, Nicole, Corey, Paul, and Victor all celebrate in privacy.  They are still contemplating their target for the week.  James wants to campaign to make sure that he is the one that goes home.

The Final Four is discussing their options for eviction this week.  Victor doesn’t want to miss a chance to evict the person that evicted him, James.  Natalie is showing to be a strong player and may be a better choice for them to evict this week while they have the chance.

James and Natalie both keep fighting with each other over which one of them is going home this week.  Corey hinted at James that Natalie may be the evicted target for the week.  Natalie questions James about a final two deal with Nicole or final three deal with Nicole and Corey.  This is definitely coming as a result of the issue earlier today with involving a bullhorn, the HGs, and someone telling the HGs over the wall outside that James and Nicole had a pregame alliance.  Check out the story on our site earlier today.

Paul decides to come clean with James about Natalie throwing him under the bus earlier and just before the POV competition.  James can’t believe that Natalie would come to them and voice her opinion that she should have never trusted James.  James promises Paul and Victor to keep the information between them.  Victor and Paul are looking ahead to Natalie possibly being evicted this week, and if so, they can use James to benefit their game.  James does hold true to his word and does not tell Natalie, for now.

The POV ceremony is set to begin.  As suspected, Corey decides not to use his power on either nomination to remove them from the Block for eviction.  James falls on his sword during his speech and urges the HGs to evict him this week.  He claims that he has made mistakes which landed him on the Block and he deserves to be there.  We will find out tomorrow night if James or Natalie will be evicted tomorrow evening.


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