Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Adam Poch

Without further ado, we bring you our first Big Brother 13 houseguest profile: 39-year-old Adam Poch from Hoboken, NJ.

Adam Poch, 39, is a Music Inventory Manager from Hoboken, NJ. His original hometown is East Brunswick, NJ, so this beefy, bald guy with the in-your-face beard has stuck close to home. He describes himself as “funny, loud and cuddly” in his official CBS bio.

Actually, Adam’s official job title according to his profile is Supply Chain Planner at Sony BMG — a position he has held since 2005. I can only guess that Supply Chain Planner just wasn’t as sexy as Music Inventory Manager… or that he hasn’t updated his profile, who knows. Adam notes in his profile at LinkedIN: “I make music! Well, not exactly. I make CD’s of other people’s music.” He lists his ‘specialties as “I get shit don! Period!”

Before getting on with Sony BMG, Adam worked at two ‘Sole Proprietorship’ businesses — Trutone, Inc. and Energy Records. He is a graduate of Stockton College of New Jersey in 1994, where he notes: “I made Metal happen! Apparently he is referring to being the Promotions Director and Host of “The Posse of Doom: The Heaviest Metal Your Radio Can Handle” on the college radio station. Apparently Adam, it seems, is very fond of Metal.

Which is one of the reasons why he says the hardest part about living in the Big Brother house will be “no music, TV, concerts, sports – but mostly no music.”

On his profilefor East Brunswick High School, class of 1989, Adam says he lives “in Hoboken, single, no kids that I know of, and still have my long hair!” Not sure if this is before he went baldy, or he was attempting to make a joke…

Adam is a rabid Big Brother fan and has watched the show since the first season. He describes himself as a “born leader and a very friendly guy” and hopes to make friends in the house pretty easily. His favorite BB houseguests have been Evel Dick, Howie, Ronnie, Janelle and Rachel. Rachel? Really? His least favorite were “Cappy, Ivette and that whole Nerd Herd.”

According to his official profile, Adam is affair of “large barking dogs” and is very proud that he once ate “an XXL pizza all by myself!”

Wearing a crown with BACONWe also know that apparently Adam likes someone named “CrazeeBekka!!” well enough to wish her a Happy Birthdayon MySpace. His MySpace page, BTW, appears to be In his MySpace blog, he notes that is is “a Jew who LIVES for eating Bacon” and has twice been homeless, once for nearly two months.

Oh, and he is also a fan of bacon on his Facebook profile, which is set to private. You can, however, still see some of his photos, including one of him making a wacky face at the camera and one where is he is holding a small boy. In addition to bacon, he also apparently is very fond of Philly Bilmos Cheesesteaks. We have a feeling that the whole ‘Have Not’ diet is not going to agree with Adam…

Adam Poch is also a trivia buff, if he is the same guy mentioned at as hosting a trivia night on Wednesdays at Willie McBrides. According to the article, he kept winning so much that eventually they just offered to make him the emcee. Also, every trivia night includes one Beverly Hills 90210-themed questions.

The Big Brother 13 houseguest also appears to be a member of something called the Hoboken Happy Hour Group, which likes to engage in “pub crawls, scavenger hunts, Wine Trips, Wine Classes, Sunday Funday brunches and dinners, and also have teams in local sports leagues.”

In scouting around for tidbits on Adam, we did not find anything racy, pornographic, half-naked or indicative of a criminal backgrounds. That’s always nice I guess. If somewhat boring… Still, we are interested to see this big, seemingly kind of goofy guy in action. I have a feeling I am either going to really like him, or really detest him. Only time will tell!

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