The Big Brother 13 Cast Member That Wasn’t: Jason Thomas

CBS has finally announced the Big Brother 13 cast of eight new houseguests for the 2011 season and plans to bring back six previous contestants, but there seems to be a name missing from the cast roster in rather a mysterious manner. Apparently there was another supposed contestant-in-waiting named Jason Thomas who was interviewed by the press as a Big Brother 13 houseguest. Yet, oddly, he is not listed among the final contestants.

Jason Thomas, a 26-year old boxer and wannabe actor from Los Angeles, gave several press interviews about being a Big Brother 13 contestant. He self-identified as the “eye candy” of the BB 13 house and claimed no one would be able to beat him in the Big Brother competitions because of his athletic background. He does look pretty buff from what we can see in his photo and a video of him talking about BB13 on

We’d love to show you that video, but has since removed it and marked it as “private” on their YouTube channel. Apparently they posted it thinking Jason Thomas was an official BB13 houseguest before learning he had been axed. According to @lifeontheMlist, Jason Thomas was indeed interviewed by the media as a houseguest, but in the end he did not make the final cut. He was apparently removed “due to a casting decision.”

Jason Edward Thomas has a rather drab website you can check out for more info on this poor, failed Big Brother 13 houseguest. Apparently Big Brother is not his first taste of reality TV.

He was apparently cast “as himself” on MTV’s show Bully Beatdown, where he was nicknamed “The Pretty Boy Bully”. He also was cast on the pilot for the show Fight for Love. He also proudly notes on his website that he starred in Tiffany Grace‘s music video for “Sleeping with the Enemy.” I had never heard of her before, but you can check out the video below.

“Jason knew he wanted to continue his search for stardom and adventure, craving the day when he will see his own name ‘up in lights’” — so his website says. We’re pretty sure that means he was probably THRILLED to think he might be getting to be filmed 24/7 on the Big Brother 13 cameras!

Alas, poor Jason had his foot halfway through the door, but apparently lost out on his chance to become a Big Brother star and possible walk away with a half a million dollars.

Man, that has GOT to suck!

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