Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Cassi Colvin

Next up in our Big Brother 13 houseguest profiles, we bring you one of the sexiest girls we’ve ever seen in the Big Brother house: Cassi Colvin.

Cassi Colvin is a 26-year-old vegetarian model originally from Allen, Texas and now living in Nashville, TN, where she is represented locally by the Block Agency. Cassi reportedly decided to become a model at age 11 and her dad helped her to go after her dream. She signed with her first modeling agency, the Kim Dawson Agency, at 12. She describes herself as “stubborn, sincere and funny” and she loves sitting around — with men — and drinking beer. According to her profile at, Cassi also loves “four wheeling, fishing, hunting and camping.” My kind of girl!

Cassi Colvin is the requisite model and hot girl of the Big Brother 13 house, obviously. Unlike previous Big Brother ‘models’, however, Cassi has actually has a decent career going! Her mother (allegedly) posted on “She is absolutely beautiful and professional. Even more important than that is that she is a wonderful person. Even with a six figure income, she stays grounded and appreciates her good fortune. She is my daughter.”

So according to a person alleging to be her mother, Cassi was making a six figure income from modeling in 2006 — pretty damn sweet!

A MySpace fan page for Cassi notes she has done catalog work with a number of national chains and walked runways all over the world. She has also appeared in such magazines as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Allure and Seventeen. Most of the sites we saw about her have her listed as currently still living in New York City in the Greenwich Village area. So, we assume she hasn’t be a Nashville, TN resident all that long. But we hear she is a big country music fan, so it seems like she’s relocated to the right place!

Cassi has smartly restricted access to her Facebook profile, although you can find a cute pic of her that another fan site says was taken by her dad.

As for her Twitter account, we can’t officially verify this one – Someone calling themselves Cassi Colvin’s last alleged Tweets on it were a series of snarky comments on the television show 1,000 Ways to Die. She would even like to appear on the creepy and disturbing series herself: “I want to be one of the horrible actors who does the reenactments on 1,000 Ways to Die.” Oh, and in a previous comment, she kind of insulted Bar Refaeli. Cheeky! Her Twitter also still lists her as being in New York City. A person calling themselves “A Cassi friend and Fan” posted in our comments here that this Twitter profile with her photo that lists her in New York is “fake” and “NOT HER”. We can’t verify either way on that one.

In addition to her modeling, Cassi Colvin also recently appeared in a 2011 Kenny Chesney concert video for “Somewhere With You, although she is mostly hard to see in it. Yes, Cassi loves the country music all over the place and dreams of becoming a “country western singer” according to Sadly for her, however, she says she only has a “karaoke” voice.

We haven’t found any Cassi Colvin nude photos yet, amazingly enough. But if they are out there, and they so often are for a girl who has no hesitation taking lots of skimpy lingerie pictures, I’m sure they will probably surface during the Big Brother 13 season if they are ever going to. That’s just how this whole reality TV gig goes! Of course, Big Brother live feed Superpass subscribers can look forward to seeing quite a lot of Cassi mostly in the buff with those oh-so-wonderful bathroom shower cameras.

Although Cassi has been quite successful in her career, she mostly seems to have been able to keep her personal life and feelings off the Net. So at this point, we have to rely quite a bit on how she talks about herself to get any judge of her character.

Cassi says, for example, that she has absolutely “no intentions of having a showmance,” according to Even though she says that she is totally single, she swears she wouldn’t start anything up with a guy in the house even if she liked him a lot. Maybe after the show ended she’d think about it, but not during. Unless Matthew McConaughey suddenly shows up single and looking. She apparently has quite the crush, according to her interview. “I’m watchin’ for you Matthew,” she says…

As for her strategy for winning Big Brother 13, Cassi says she doesn’t really have one. She just plans on being herself, being friendly and kind and competing “as best I can.”

So how do you think the hot girl of the house is going to do this season? Chime in below!

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