The Big Brother 13 Houseguests: Brawn

Yesterday we showed off the ‘babes’ of the Big Brother 13 house. But don’t be afraid we are going to leave you ladies out! We want those Big Brother 13 men to show us their stuff too! Well, some of them anyway. Not all of them. Adam Poch, for example, you can keep that shirt on. Really. Please.

As for most of the rest of the Big Brother 13 men, we ask you to please keep taking those shirts off. As frequently as possible — so we can get many more of these sneak peeks at your hot bods!

Now one guy we are more than happy to see shirtless or, well, whatever state of dress he wants to be in, is Jeff Schroeder. Yum!

Next up, we bring you the most adorable looking guy in the house, 25-year-old Dominic Briones. He’s just so cute, we want to pinch him! Dominic seems to have garnered quite a number of admirers among the gay fans out there in addition to the ladies. We aren’t commenting on his own orientation, but, well, after BB13 he could probably get a date no matter what kind of bar he walked into!

Okay, we said we really didn’t need to see any more of Adam Poch shirtless. But who knows, maybe there are some folks out there that just LOVE seeing pale, hairy bear types missing half their clothes. For you, we give you this… um, enjoy?

For another taste of man candy, we bring you the annoying, but admittedly cut Keith Henderson. He may be slightly crazy, rude and have no proper idea how to play the Big Brother game. But, he’s not that bad to look at we have to say!

Now, Lawon Exum may not be the buffest guy in the house and when he’s dressed, he actually looks a bit dumpy. But we’ve seen enough of him with his shirt off now to discover he’s actually not in bad shape under those crazy clothes he wears.

Of course, Lawon certainly doesn’t really compare to house-mate Brendon Villeges, who looks like he’s about to pop a vein every time he flexes! Nom nom nom!

Lastly, well, we have Evel Dick Donato. And frankly, we just don’t have the heart to put another shirtless photo of Evel Dick up here. Something about the whole idea just seems wrong… If you must gawk at his pale, tattooed body, you can do so in the first pic of this piece. And then we will call you a weirdo.

That’s a wrap for the man meat of Big Brother 13. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes action from the Big Brother house here on BigBrotherAccess.c

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