The Big Brother 13 Houseguests: Babes

Every year I wait rather impatiently for those Big Brother live feeds to kick in and the latest crop of houseguests to start taking it off! Yes, I want to see those abs, those assets and check out who is wielding the biggest… muscles. Call me what you will. Of course, there’s also always the annual fun of the “who has real versus fake boobs” discussions on my Big Brother e-mail list to enjoy as well. Whee!

This year on Big Brother 13, we once again have plenty of eye candy for both sexes and all sexual orientations to enjoy. And thankfully, with the Big Brother live feeds we get more than enough opportunity to check out all that eye candy up close and personal. So without further ado, we bring you the babes of the Big Brother 13 houeseguests! Stay tuned tomorrow for the brawn!

Big Brother 13 houseguest Porsche Briggs is a VIP cocktail waitress and very used to wearing extremely skimpy outfits for people to ogle her in. She’s also already admitted she has had help from non-natural sources to make those perfectly rounded assets of hers ‘pop’ in a bikini.

Next up on, we have tasty model Cassi Colvin in all her glory. By the way, my BB13 e-mail list’s consensus is that Cassi’s are, indeed, all natural!

Among the ladies, we have to say that Shelly Moore maybe isn’t ranked highest in the ‘babes’ of the house. However, you have to admit at 41, she is in pretty damn good shape really. Of course, having a career in ‘outdoors’ equipment probably doesn’t hurt with that.

Okay, if you are ready to get back to some vintage eye candy of a different kind, let’s head on over to poolside to check out a yummy view of returning houseguest Jordan Lloyd.

Kalia Booker may not be a skinny-mini like most of the other girls in the house, but that doesn’t mean she’s afraid to strip it all off and show off those curves with the best of them!

Another returning houseguest we’d totally love to see way more of is Daniele Danato, Evel Dick Donato’s estranged daughter.

Our last lady of Big Brother 13is yet another returning houseguest, the notorious Rachel Reilly from last season. Rachel just loves to show off her assets, wiggling, stretching and otherwise calling attention to herself however possible anytime she can.

And that’s it for our ladies today, but we’ll be sure to bring you more tasty photos of our Big Brother 13 beauties as the season continues! Meanwhile, if you don’t want to wait to see more of your BB13 babes wearing little to nothing and doing naughty things after dark under the covers, you can sign up for the Big Brother live feeds yourself and get in on all the action!

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