Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Rachel Reilly

Brendon and Rachel, otherwise known as Brenchel, are the power couple of Big Brother 12and one of three “dynamic duos” brought back to compete against the eight new houseguests of Big Brother 13. This duo ruled the house for a number of weeks during their season and they are out to do it again in the new season.

Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Rachel Reilly

Rachel Reilly - BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

Rachel Reilly, who was 26 when she was first cast on Big Brother 12, was a chemistry graduate student and cocktail waitress from Las Vegas, Nevada. We are pretty sure her cleavage has been either artificially enhanced or are the most fake-looking natural breasts we’ve ever seen. Rachel enjoys “painting, working out, doing anything outdoors… getting dressed up and going on dates.”

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Rachel’s least favorite thing about living in the Big Brother house was “having your entire life televised.” To which, we said – Rachel, you do understand what reality television is, right? If you hate having your life “televised,” why the hell did you apply to be on the show? Considering that she has now come back for another season, we’re guessing having her life in the Big Brother house broadcast night and day wasn’t all that bad after all.

More Tidbits About Rachel Reilly

Rachel truly lived up to her strategy for winning Big Brother 12 right from the start. “I would hustle like I do at work when I get men to buy me champagne,” Rachel said before the season started. She certainly succeeded in hustling Brendon! Although, frankly, we think most of the rest of the guys in the house were not impressed much with Rachel’s… assets.

Rachel told she planned on surprising “everyone in the Big Brother house with how smart I am.” At this point, we can say it would be pretty shocking if Rachel turned out to have more brains than she demonstrated during her run in the house. She may have been a science student, but she comes across as full of hot air in her head as well as her chest!

During Big Brother 12, Rachel was the center of 9/10ths of the drama going on in the Big Brother house while she was there. If there was some insanity going on, she was pretty much guaranteed to be in the middle of it. Seems like she is pretty much trying to continue that trend on Big Brother 13 as well.

Inside the Big Brother house on season 12, Rachel and Brendon proved to be a strong power couple in the house. Despite groans over their endless PDAs, Rachel’s whiny bitchiness and Brendon’s lack of spine, the couple managed to manipulate their way through quite a bit of the competition before finally getting the boot. Rachel pissed off seemed to piss off every single houseguest on a continuous basis during her stint on Big Brother 12. Often, Brendon seemed just as annoyed with her as everyone else even though they were getting it on after dark.

Sleuthing Rachel:

In addition to her student and waitress responsibilities, Rachel has done a fair bit of (somewhat tawdry) modeling along the way. Most of her “modeling” has involved wearing skimpy bikinis or other quite revealing clothing. Although, we did find some rather not-so-sleazy photos of Rachel (with normal hair!) here. She’s also a pageant girl like several other Housguests – sort of – though her pageant wins – like Ms. Planet Beach Nevada 2008 – usually involve thongs rather than crowns. (You can listen to an interview with Rachel about her win in that contest at

Rachel, who hails from Concord, North Carolina originally, has a Facebook page here, where she now lists herself as engaged to Brendon Villegas, her season 12 cast-mate. She also has , as well as a Twitter page here.

According to her Facebook page, Rachel LOVES being on camera and being the center of attention, which is pretty evident from her run on Big Brother 12 and Big Brother 13 so far. Despite, of course, her being all about how she doesn’t want her entire life televised. Whatever. Rachel is also apparently is a fan of the Star Wars saga, The Big Bang Theory (TV show) and, somewhat surprisingly, – a non-profit environmental journalist site we are fans of as well.

Rachel also had a profile page at with a very saucy pic of herself in a gold bikini with her trademark flaming red locks. The profile was posted when she was 24 and claimed she was 123 lbs, had a 34D bust and a 24 inch waist at the time. We think that bust measurement has got to be off…

Rachel Reilly
Rachel Reilly (Sturgis Rally News/

You can check out a whole slew of Rachel Reilly photos in various states of undress here– including several of her as a Sturgis girl posing with Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler

Unfortunately, Rachel’s profile was removed last year – but it appears she did have one on that infamous D-List modeling site. Too bad, those are always interesting (and usually have very fun photos).

Interestingly, a Rachel Reilly is also listed on at the College of Southern Nevada as an “easy A” chemistry teacher who “never shows up on time” but is smoking in the “hotness” category. Graduate students do sometimes teach or assist and this description does seem to fit our BB Rachel.

Our Thoughts on Rachel:

We originally thought Rachel was going to be a pretty stereotypical more-boobs-than-brains girl and she never really disappointed. It’s obvious she planned to latch on to the first man she could get her claws into on the show in order to have an ally in the house. Brendon, unfortunately, was that man. We think Brendon might have been a favorite to win if not for Rachel, but we’re pretty sure his showmance with Rachel put the nail of doom in his coffin.

Rachel, we were pretty sure from the beginning, would use anyone and anything she could to get the top and stay there on Big Brother 12. We don’t think, however, she counted on nearly everyone in the house detesting the sight of her after only a few short weeks. She probably thought she could schmooze most of the guys in the house into liking her, but we doubt she would have stood a chance at that even if she hadn’t started snogging Brendon nearly immediately. Rachel isn’t subtle enough to play nice-nice with a bunch of people to stay safe.

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After Big Brother 12 wrapped, Brendon and Rachel actually kept dating — as shocking as that seems. We really thought Brendon would get sick of her at some point and dump her. Well, he didn’t break up with her, but he DID sort of cheat on her. Not long after Big Brother 12, Brendon got caught having some naked penis cybersex with some chick online via Skype. Yet, despite his very public betrayal, Rachel forgave him after he posted a whiny apology video online where he cried like a baby. The two actually then got engaged on Valentine’s Day. Yuck!

We gave Rachel virtually no chance of winning Big Brother 12 right from the start and we never changed our minds. We were relatively sure she would stick around for a while because she’d hook up with someone very early on and have an alliance with them to hold her up. Unless something absolutely insane happened in the house, however, we never saw her making it much past mid-season. We were pretty right on with that one. Now we just have to see how far Rachel can manage to get her and her boy toy Brendon in the Big Brother 13 house!

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