Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Rachel & Brendon

Brendon and Rachel, otherwise known as Brenchel, are the power couple of Big Brother 12 and one of three “dynamic duos” brought back to compete against the eight new houseguests of Big Brother 13. This duo ruled the house for a number of weeks during their season and they are out to do it again in the new season.

Brendon Josef Villegas, 31, is a high school swim coach and currently resides in Riverside, California. A self-proclaimed “nerd”, Brendon is also a jock with a strong history of athletics. When he was cast for Big Brother 12, he said his plan was to “not intimidate the guys and to be flirty with the girls.” Well, we can say he never intimidated the guys and he certainly did get way too flirty with the ladies (or, at least, one lady he should have fled from on sight.)

Back when he first appeared on Big Brother 12, Brendon was already into the idea of having a ‘showmance’ before he even entered the Big Brother house. Brendon, who also working toward a PhD in Physics, got his wish when he was seduced by redheaded Las Vegas waitress Rachel Eileen Reilly.

Rachel Reilly, 26, was a VIP waitress and model before being cast on Big Brother 12. Rachel’s strategy going into the Big Brother 12 house was to “hustle like I do at work when I get men to buy me champagne.” And that is exactly what Rachel did, hooking up with Brendon and getting him to be her slave boy in the house right from the start.

Before Big Brother 12, Rachel did a whole lot of ‘bikini’ modeling and swimwear contests when she wasn’t slithering into guys’ laps as a VIP waitress. One of her best gigs prior to Big Brother seems to have been a cover photo shoot for Sturgis Rally News with now American Idol judge and rock superstar Steven Tyler. Rachel said on her Twitter feed back before Big Brother that she “loved” being the center of attention. That, it seems, was a serious understatement.

On the show, Rachel was the center of 9/10ths of the drama going on in the Big Brother house while she was there. If there was some insanity going on, she was pretty much guaranteed to be in the middle of it.

Inside the Big Brother house on season 12, Rachel and Brendon proved to be a strong power couple in the house. Despite groans over their endless PDAs, Rachel’s whiny bitchiness and Brendon’s lack of spine, the couple managed to manipulate their way through quite a bit of the competition before finally getting the boot. Rachel pissed off seemed to piss off every single houseguest on a continuous basis during her stint on Big Brother 12. Often, Brendon seemed just as annoyed with her as everyone else even though they were getting it on after dark.

Outside of Big Brother, Rachel and Brendon continued to date until Brendon got in serious crap after being caught sending photos of his penis to some random girl. Yes, I have seen these pics and well, that was stupid (but hey, at least he doesn’t lake in the equipment department). Brendon ended up posting a really embarrassing public apology video to Rachel saying he had been “tricked” into sending his naked dick photos to this girl. yeah, right. Brendon cries and wails in the video like a baby.

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