Big Brother 19: Power of Veto Ceremony Results (07/17/17)

Big Brother 19 Jason DentIt’s only the third official week in the Big Brother 19 house. However, all Big Brother 19 Live Feed watchers have probably aged 20 years by the week. We only had one relatively predictable and calm week so far. At least that week was calm until Cody Nickson created chaos that has damaged Dominique Cooper and Mark Jansen’s game.

The two had stayed relatively under the radar in the Big Brother 2017 house. However, last week Cody felt most betrayed by them  and decided to get a little revenge by altering the truth, and creating seeds of doubt. This worked perfectly for Paul, who already kind of wanted to target Dominique.

With Alex Ow in power, Paul helped put the nails in Dominique’s coffin. As yesterday’s Big Brother 19 episode showed, Alex nominated Jessica Graf and Dominique for eviction.

Later in the day, the Power of Veto competition took place. Jason Dent won it, and then began debating to use it or not. The original plan was to use it, take Jessica off and Raven Walton goes up as a replacement. However, Paul was against that plan. He wanted Mark as a pawn to stop him from campaigning to keep Dominique in the house.

Jason did not feel comfortable nominating Mark, especially if he didn’t want to go on the block. All weekend, Jason debated whether to use the veto and force Alex to nominate Mark. When today began, Jason had decided not to use the veto. However, we knew Paul wouldn’t accept that decision.

So what was Jason’s final Big Brother 19 Power of Veto ceremony decision?



Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Elena Davies

Jason decided not to use the veto. Either Jessica Graf or Dominique Cooper will leave the Big Brother 19 house, unless one of them receives the Halting Hex.

If Dominique or Jessica are evicted, they will face Cody in a Battle Back competition.

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