Big Brother: Celebrity Edition- 5 Fun Facts About Shannon Elizabeth

We have finally reached the final Celebrity Big Brother player: Shannon Elizabeth. Most people recognize Shannon from being in the American Pie franchise. She then went on to have roles in Scary Movie, Love Actually, and Jay and silent Bob Strike Back. Nowadays, Shannon spends less time behind a camera, and more time pursuing more rewarding endeavors.

Celebrity Big Brother Shannon Elizabeth
Credit: Instagram

For those curious about Shannon, and what she can bring to the Big Brother game, read below for five interesting facts about her.

1. She is a Huge Big Brother fan

Shannon can often be seen in the background of Big Brother party photos. She’s also often seen taking pictures with cast members. Fans of Dick at Nite know Shannon for her appearances on Big Brother 8 winner Dick Donato’s reality TV discussion show.

Shannon’s love for the game should help her go far in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

2. She’s a Poker Player

From 2006 to 2010, Shannon was very active in the poker world. She even won NBC’s National Heads-Up Poker Championship in 2007. Shannon beat out some poker pros and other actors to get this title. At one point, she considered poker her second, more profitable career.

We’re not sure how active Shannon is now at the poker table, but the skills she learned from the game may have made her better at reading people’s deception. This is a valuable skill for a game like Big Brother. We also know past poker players have done well in the Big Brother game.

3. She was a Very Active Teen

While in high school, Shannon was a member of many different clubs and sports, like tennis, cheerleading, dance team, and student council. She was so passionate about tennis that she considered becoming a professional player. Her athleticism, and her experience with adjusting and adapting to a wide group of personalities should help her win competitions and make allies.

4. She’s an Only Child

One of the weaknesses that Shannon may have is that she is an only child. Because of this, she may not be used to having to share space with such a large group of people. Not having much experience with sharing space can sometimes lead to people having short tempers and being easily annoyed, which may create tension that could hurt anyone’s game.

5. She’s Passionate about Animals

One reason Shannon is doing Celebrity Big Brother–besides her love of the game–is to win money for her nonprofit organization, Animal Avengers. With Shannon’s organization, she travels across the world to help rescue animals. Shannon’s love for animals runs so deep that she often speaks on their behalf, and has picked the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

Shannon is one of the players that the fans are most interested to see play. Her passion and knowledge of the game could lead to some very exciting game moments.

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