Big Brother 22 Spoilers: The Safety Suite Winners Are Revealed

The Big Brother 22 action began last night with the premiere episode that reintroduced us to the houseguests who would compete for the $500,000 prize. Today has been a day of full feeds action: alliances being made, targets being set, and lots of Big Brother gossip. We’ll get more to the juicy bits later in another post. For now, a major Big Brother prize was rewarded and we need to reveal that winner.

Earlier today, the Big Brother 22 houseguests learned of the latest twist: The Safety Suite. On last night’s Big Brother premiere host Julie Chen-Moonves announced that there would be a way for not one, but two houseguests to win safety from nominations and eviction this week.

Earlier on the feeds, the houseguests were told about the competition. Apparently, BB houseguests can choose to play this week or not. We’re just getting secondhand info from the Big Brother houseguests, so we’re not sure if this is completely true, but apparently a houseguest can only play in these competitions once. Julie said that a different room will be revealed to them each week, which means a different set of prizes and powers will be up for grab each week, so houseguests have to pick carefully which one they want to play in. This week’s Safety Suite allows someone to escape nomination and eviction and pick someone else to make safe.

The houseguests must reveal their power to the Head of Household Cody Calafiore, and then pick who else they want to keep safe. According to Big Brother Network, the players also have to pick the person that they want to be safe with them before the competition. If they win, both are safe, if they lose, both are punished.

The feeds went down earlier today and the Safety Suite competition played out. We now know who won it. So who won the Big Brother Safety Suite prize? Read below to find out!



Kaysar won and chose to make Janelle safe. Kaysar and Janelle are safe this week. 

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