Who Will Win Big Brother 24?

We haven’t had a too close-to-call Big Brother final three in a while. Minus Big Brother 19, at least since Big Brother 15, it’s been pretty obvious who would win if they make it to the final two every season. Then if that person didn’t make it there, there was always a second person in the final three who would obviously win. We think we know how the jury will vote, but we wouldn’t be surprised by any Big Brother 24 winner. 

Big Brother 24 Final 3

Before the upcoming Big Brother 24 finale, we want to try to figure out who could win Big Brother 24 in multiple scenarios. Let’s take a look at all the different final 2 scenarios with Monte Taylor, Taylor Hale, and Matt Turner.

 Monte Taylor Vs. Taylor Hale

This is probably the hardest Big Brother final two to call. However, we think that Monte would take home the win. What gives Monte the edge is that he would have been the one to take Taylor to the finale. This means that he cut Turner. If most of the jury thinks like Brittany Hoopes, then Turner has been Monte’s biggest game rival.

Turner and Monte played most of the game together, so their moves are closely aligned.  Taking out Turner gives Monte another big move on his resume. It also means that he now won five competitions. This gives him the second most competition wins of the season.

The jury seems to like Taylor more than Monte, but based on the most recent jury segment, it seems like they respect Monte’s game slightly more than Taylor’s game. This is how we think the votes may fall.

Jasmine Davis votes for Monte.

Indy Santos votes for Monte.

Joseph Abdin votes for Monte.

Kyle Capener votes for Monte

Terrance Higgins votes for Monte

Michael Bruner votes for Taylor

Alyssa Snider votes for Taylor

Brittany votes for Taylor

Turner votes for Monte.

Monte wins by 6-3. I could also see Indy, Joseph, and Jasmine voting for Taylor but only if she gives a killer speech to explain why she deserves to be crowned the winner. If she gets those three votes, then she wins the game. Michael could also vote for Monte, but I think in his heart, he would rather see Taylor win than Monte and give her his vote.

Turner may be a little annoyed that Monte cut him, but we still think he’ll give Monte his vote. 

Monte Taylor Vs. Matt Turner

This is the most likely scenario as the odds are more in favor of this outcome. Turner is very likely to take Monte to the end over Taylor. Monte has told Taylor that he will take her, but he also has a final two deal with Turner. He could go either way with who he takes. We’re not sure it would matter too much who takes whom to the final two in this scenario.

The jury may interpret it the same way no matter who makes this move. Turner and Monte both have big moves on their resume and both can be credited with taking out Michael–arguably the biggest game move of the season. If Turner gives a killer speech and answers the questions well, then there is a chance he beats Monte. However, I think the odds are once again on Monte’s side. 

Turner really pissed off a lot of jurors before they were evicted. This means that he would have to do some work to get them on his side. We think the votes will fall like this:

Jasmine votes for Monte.

Indy votes for Monte.

Joseph votes for Monte.

Kyle votes for Turner.

Terrance votes for Monte.

Michael votes for Monte.

Brittany votes for Turner.

Alyssa votes for Monte.

Taylor votes for Monte.

It could be a 7 to 2 vote. The interesting votes in this scenario are Terrance, Brittany, and Alyssa’s votes. Alyssa left the game pissed at Turner and was still hurt going to the jury. However, she may forgive him with enough time and possible influence from players such as Kyle. Brittany left mad at Monte, but she could also change her tune and vote for him in the end, especially if she knows the majority of the jury is voting that way. 

Terrance may go either way with his vote and may decide it based on who wins the last HOH. We think Taylor is a vote for Monte, but if he’s the one to cut her, she may decide to vote against him. It could come down to whether she respects the move of him cutting her at the final three.

Matt Turner Vs. Taylor Hale

This is probably the least likely scenario because Turner is highly unlikely to take Taylor to the end. He would have to change his tune completely in the next few hours. If Taylor sees the final two with Turner, that means he cut Monte and won his fourth HOH of the season. With Taylor vs Turner, it might come down to a popularity contest and jury management. 

Taylor did a way better job of jury management than Turner, so she could very likely beat him. Here’s how the jury could vote:

Jasmine votes for Taylor.

Indy votes for Taylor.

Joseph votes for Taylor.

Kyle votes for Turner. 

Terrance votes for Turner.

Michael votes for Taylor.

Alyssa votes for Taylor.

Brittany votes for Taylor. 

Monte votes for Turner. 

Taylor could win by a 6-3 vote. Michael could vote for Turner because he respects that he was the one who got him out. However, like with Monte, we think he would want Taylor to win as his friend. Alyssa’s vote will really come down to whether she has forgiven Turner. Even if she has, she mentioned wanting a woman to win the season. We believe Taylor would have her vote.

Despite Monte being cut by Turner in this scenario, we think he respects Turner’s game more and would give him his vote. However, if Monte is true to his word about wanting to see a Black woman win Big Brother, then Taylor could have his vote.

Going into the Big Brother 24 finale, it seems like Monte is the odds favorite to win the season. However, the jurors could be persuaded to a different route depending on the final speeches, questions, and how they feel about the player sitting next to Monte. If Monte doesn’t make it to the end, we think Taylor slightly edges Turner out for the victory, but the jurors are unpredictable. Turner could win by a landslide. 


Who do you think will win Big Brother 24? Let us know in the comment section. 

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