Big Brother 20 Week 6 Alliance Update

One of the most important life lessons to take with you into the Big Brother house would probably be what is known as the Golden Rule, treat each other as they would like to be treated themselves.  Somewhere along her journey, Queen Bay (Bayleigh Dayton) lost her way and forgot about this Golden Rule. After a horrible case of HOHitis, Bayleigh has continued to treat her allies poorly, even when her life in the Big Brother game is literally on the line.

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton

This just may be the end of the F.O.U.T.T.E., AKA the Hive, alliance.  Now that Level 6 has taken back control of the game, they have one target in sight and that’s Queen Bay. The irony here is that rather than looking within for being targeted for eviction, Bayleigh would rather blame everyone else in the Big Brother house for her place on the eviction block. Surely, she couldn’t be a target because of the way she treated everyone over the last 10 days, or the fact that she blew up her own game by telling Rachel Swindler about her Power App reward. That just makes too much sense, doesn’t it?

Even before the Hacker made it’s way into the Big Brother game, this week’s HOH, Angela Rummans, made it clear that her target was Bayleigh.  The Hacker made this a bit more difficult, but thanks to her Power of Veto win, Angela regained control of the game to put her alliance back on top. In addition to winning the POV, Angela stole one of the Hives’ own alliance members right out from underneath them without their knowledge…for now.

During the last couple of days inside the Big Brother house, Scottie Salton made a deal with Angela that could clearly change the course of the game for a few of the houseguests. After continually being thrown under the bus by his own alliance, Scottie decided to take matters into his own hands and make a deal for safety with Angela.  As long as Angela promised to keep Scottie off the block as a renomination at the POV ceremony, Scottie promised to guarantee her safety next week if Scottie won the HOH. Oh, and I forgot that one crucial little nugget that Scottie also promised which was to vote with Level 6 this week, throwing his own alliance under the bus.

Big Brother 20 Alliance
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Even with the BB Hacker Competition going to one of the Hive alliance members this week, Haleigh Broucher, things are not looking so good for this group.  They could potentially take a serious blow this week by losing Scottie to Level 6 and losing Bayleigh to eviction. With being down 2 members, that would leave just 3 official members of the group left in the Big Brother house, AngieRockstar” Lantry, Haleigh, and Faysal Shafaat.  Compared to a potential strong 7 person team (Angela, Scottie, JC Mounduix, Brett Robinson, Kaycee Clark, Tyler Crispen, and Sam Bledsoe), Level 6 could start knocking off the remaining Hive, one-by-one.

Every week so far this season, the live eviction has brought drama in some fashion to the table. I look for more of the same this week with 2 members of the Hive on the block together, Bay and Rockstar.  In the end, Bayleigh just may have to atone for her sins against the other houseguests and pay the ultimate price, eviction from the Big Brother house.

Join us again Wednesday for a recap at 7:00pm CST/8:00pm EST for the Power of Veto competition.

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