Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Julie Chen Announces NEW Twist! [UPDATE]

We have fresh new Big Brother spoilers with host Julie Chen announcing a brand new twist on Thursday night’s Double Eviction episode. Frankly, we were a bit concerned by the promo photo she sent out on Twitter because it looked a whole lot like a ‘reset’ button to us. You know, like the one used to save Frank on Big Brother 14?

Big Brother new twist (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 new twist (CBS)

Julie Chen posted a teaser about the new twist involving this mysterious button on Twitter with this photo and the caption: “Not only do we have an exciting #DoubleEviction 2nite on #BB16, but I’ll announce a new twist! Here is a sneak peek!”

We were afraid the button might invoke a ‘reset’ twist designed to save whichever Houseguest ends up being the big target in the second eviction tonight. However, although it is kind of the same thing as a ‘reset’ — it is for next week’s eviction, not this one. The Double Eviction on Thursday night went down as predicted with no weird twists.

Julie Chen announces the new twist is called the #BBRewind and that if it is pressed, then next week’s live vote will stop and the two nominees will come off the block and it will all start over again. So one of the nominees could very well end up as the new Head of Household.

The problem for non-Frankie fans, however, is that he’s probably going to be the most likely target if he doesn’t win the Head of Household Competition. So he could very well end up on the block about to go to Jury and “bang, poof” he’s saved and has two more chances to win comps and not get evicted.

We just really hope this doesn’t end up some lame duck attempt to keep Frankie in the house when everyone inside and outside really do want hime — to quote Phillip Phillips — “Gone, gone, gone.”

UPDATE: The Houseguests have pushed the button so there will be an interrupted vote next week. Which pretty much means that all the competitions and stuff that take place this week will mean NOTHING. Because it will all be done again.


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