Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 48 Highlights: The Hive Tries to Get a Plan of Attack

Despite the possible explosive actions of nominating Bayleigh Dayton, yesterday in the Big Brother 20 house was kind of a dud day. Following this week’s Big Brother 2018 Power of Veto ceremony, Angela Rummans retreated to her Head of Household room. This killed any possibility of an explosion.

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton and Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

Fireworks did, apparently, go off right after the Veto meeting. In Bayleigh’s retelling of everything, she said that Tyler Crispen snapped on her. She claimed that he yelled and laughed in her face. According to Bayleigh, Tyler acted cocky and rude to her because he believed that she was the Big Brother hacker.

Following the Veto ceremony, there was also a bit of a conflict between Kaycee Clark and Bayleigh. Bayleigh and Kaycee shared some tears, but Bayleigh realized that she couldn’t trust Kaycee. She knew the entire time that Bayleigh was the target and said nothing to her. The Hive also wondered if Bayleigh was always the backdoor target, and this Hacker competition was just an excuse that told everyone to get her out.

After the Veto, Scottie Salton made sure to stay close to the Hive. He hung around to be included in their conversation, and then took their information back to Tyler. Angie “Rockstar” Lantry even had a long conversation with him explaining who thought was controlling everything, and about a big possible alliance going against them.

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen and Scottie Salton

Rockstar really wanted to stop playing defensive and develop a plan for the Hive going forward. She said it didn’t matter who went this week, they just needed to come together and figure out how to not all get picked off one-by-one. Haleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafaat also had their own mini-meeting about what to do going forward, and their votes.

Haleigh said that she really wanted Bayleigh to stay and they should give her their votes this week. Haleigh also continued to deny being the Hacker, despite Faysal asking her once again about it. The two also discussed who to nominate if they won Head of Household and the Hacker competition.

Meanwhile, Brett Robinson, Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler were discussing making Haleigh and Faysal their next targets, especially because they’re starting to see them as a showmance.

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