Big Brother 20 Episode 18 Recap: Rebound for Level 6

After the last week of tyranny in the Big Brother house with Queen Bay in charge (Bayleigh Dayton), anyone else would probably be an improvement.  Angela Rummans won the last Head of Household competition giving her alliance, Level 6, a much needed boost.  Now that Level 6 is back in charge, who will they target for eviction this week?  More importantly, how will the new Hacker Competition among the houseguests effect the nominations to the block and ultimately the eviction this week?

Big Brother 20 Angela Rummans

Now that Brett Robinson made sure all of the houseguests were informed about Bayleigh’s Power App reward during his eviction speech, will she use the power this week while the opposing alliance is in control?  Is her power, Identity Theft, even relevant now with the newest twist in the Big Brother house?  Let’s buckle up and enjoy another episode from this season which is turning out to be one of the best seasons of Big Brother in years.

Live Eviction Aftermath

With Level 6 back in the saddle, will they target Queen Bay this week for eviction?  Although Level 6 crafted another blindside during the last week’s eviction and sent a stunned and shocked Rachel Swindler out the door, can Bayleigh’s alliance, the Hive, make a comeback?

Bayleigh is livid with Brett for opening Pandora’s Box. She made sure to let Brett know how upset she was that he threw her under the bus.  During her confrontation with Brett, he made the mistake of calling her “honey”, and the gloves came off real quick.  I bet he never placates Bayleigh like that again.

JC Moundiux is continuing to do a great job at convincing the houseguests, especially Fayshal Shafaat, that he is voting with the other side of the Big Brother house.

Bayleigh confronts Rockstar Lantry accusing her of being the vote flipper in the house.  Rockstar denies her accusations, which she should as she’s telling the truth.  Tyler Crispen, Kaycee Clark and JC enjoy a victory dance while alone, but once Fessy comes in, faces go dreary again.

Week 6 Eviction Nominations

Angela is considering her options for nominees this week with her alliance.  Initially, Angela wants to nominate Scottie Salton and Rockstar to the block this week.  The alliance is in agreement but also want to consider how to get Bayleigh out of the house.  They devise a plan where Scottie and Rockstar are put on the block, they win the BB Hacker and use it to nominate Bayleigh as a backdoor nominee.

Big Brother 20 Block Nominees

At the nominations ceremony, Angela nominates Scottie and Rockstar as planned.  As expected, Rockstar is very upset by her nomination while Scottie offers up whatever he can to get off the block.  With the BB Hacker and Bayleigh’s Power App in play, these noms could change a lot this week, and let’s not forget about the POV…geez!

Week 1 Hacker Competition Results

With approximately half of the summer already behind us, Big Brother has introduced a new twist to the 20th season called the Hacker Competition.  For the next 2 weeks, a competition will follow the nominations ceremony, and the winner will become the BB Hacker.  They will be able to hack the game in the following ways:  the BB Hacker can secretly replace one of the block nominees, pick one houseguest to participate in the Power of Veto competition, and they can also eliminate a vote for that week’s eviction.  The power the BB Hacker has is incomparable to any other season of Big Brother.  WOW!

Sam Bledsoe decides to gather the house together and proposes an idea to the group.  She suggests that everyone throw the BB Hacker competition to her.  Once she has the BB Hacker power, she will not use it.  Therefore, this twist would not effect the Big Brother house.  This idea went over like a ton of bricks with all of the houseguests.  Needless to say, Sam’s idea was dead on arrival.  No one was willing to trust one another enough for Sam’s plan to ever come to fruition.

The BB Hacker competition is called Crack the Code.  The houseguests must complete a word scramble.  The first 3 houseguests to unscramble the word correctly receive a point in each round.  After 7 rounds, the houseguest with the most points wins the BB Hacker for the first week.

Big Brother 20 Haleigh Broucher

Angela and Haleigh Broucher are tied for first place after the first 3 rounds of the competition.  After round 6, Tyler, Haleigh  and Scottie are now tied for first place. At the end of the competition, Haleigh is now the BB Hacker.  Who will she take off the block and who will be her replacement nominee?

Big Brother 20 BB Hacker

When the houseguests finish the comp and come back into the house, everyone is trying to figure out who has the BB Hacker power this week.  Haleigh does a great job of convincing everyone that she did not win the reward.  At the Hacker ceremony, Scottie was removed from the block by the hacker and Tyler was his replacement nominee.  How will this affect the Big Brother game?

Join us again Wednesday at 7:00pm CST/8:00pm EST for the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother 20

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