Big Brother’s Best Showmances Ranked (According to You)

Big Brother fans are always divided when it comes to showmances. Some fans love them, some fans hate them, and some fans hate that they love them. For better or worse, they have become a major element of the Big Brother narrative. Players enter the house anti-showmance, and then find the love of their lives.

Big Brother has had some iconic romances from Big Brother 11’s Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd to Big Brother 12’s Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas. Jeff and Jordan became the first major showmance; fans were obsessed with them.

They loved watching their journey. Jeff and Jordan tried to keep their attraction for each other at bay, as they focused on the game, and Jordan didn’t want to do anything that would be embarrassing on TV. Once the show ended, they began their relationship, which led to a brief spin-off, a stint on The Amazing Race, appearances on other reality shows, and a return as a couple on Big Brother 13. Alongside them was Brendon and Rachel.

Brendon and Rachel were the ultimate divide the fandom couple. They had passionate fans and even more passionate haters. But no one could deny their epic love story. They were crazy about each other and fell in love in what seemed like seconds. Now both jeff and Jordan, and Rachel and Brendon are happily married with children.

The last few seasons, starting with season 18, has been showmance madness with multiple romances in one season. These romances have seemed to end the notion that showmances hurt someone’s game. These showmances have made it pretty far to the end, and usually together. We still haven’t witnessed that ultimate moment where a showmance made it to the final two together (besides Big Brother 7’s Mike “Boogie” Malin and Erika Landin, but does that really even count?), but it’s coming. We feel it.

If you love love, then this is the post for you. For the last couple of days, we have had fan polls allowing Big Brother and showmance fans to vote on their favorite couples. These polls included eleven couples, only the ones currently still together. However, we’re only counting down the top ten, so one of those couples did not make the list. We can reveal that couple is Big Brother 19’s Mark Jansen and Elena Davies. Sorry Marlena fans, better luck next time.

So now we’re going to count down the top ten based on the popular vote. This is not our opinion on how the couples should rank, but your opinion based on your votes.

Click the image to see their ranking and read a little about why these couples are special.

10. Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams and Bayleigh Dayton

Swaggy C and Bayleigh met during Big Brother 20. They started off calling each other brother and sister, but that didn’t last. They were soon making out in a way we hope no siblings do. Swaggy only remained in the house a few weeks, but their love for each other continued to grow with distance. Once they finally reunited on finale night, Swaggy popped the question.

They have been through a lot since leaving the house. However, their love for one another seems to grow stronger as they plan to spend the rest of their lives together. Swaggy and Bay are the ride-or-die types that will defend each other to the very end.

9. Kevin Martin and Piliar “Pili” Nemer

Big Brother Canada's Kevin Martin and Pilar Nemer

Kevin and Pili met during Big Brother Canada 3. They were immediately attracted to each other, and their romance started pretty quickly. It continued on after Big Brother Canada concluded. However, they broke up for a brief time, but they remained friends. The feelings were also still there, as despite Kevin’s sort-of showmance with William Laprise on Big Brother Canada 5, he talked about Pili on the Live Feeds. He mentioned possibly wanting to work on getting back together. After that season concluded, Kevin and Pili were back together.

Kevin and Pili make such an adorable couple because of their undeniable love and respect for one another. It’s easy to see that they love each other and are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Whether they last or not, it’s easy to see that their bond will last forever. They are lifelong friends and partners no matter what.

8. Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly

Big Brother Brendon and Rachel

Brendon and Rachel met during Big Brother 12. They were one of those showmances that made you believe in soulmates. They just fit so well together and fell so fast. It was an up and down romance with lots of fights, but their bond grew as it was them against the entire house. Once they left the Big Brother world, they went through some hard times, but returned to the show for Big Brother 13 even stronger.

Since leaving the Big Brother world, they appeared on The Amazing Race twice (Rachel plans a third time soon), and a few other reality shows like Fear Factor. Rachel and Brendon have always been that crazy in love couple that you can’t help but wish them the best. It’s been nearly ten years since they met in the Big Brother 12 house, here’s to ten more years together.

7. Dominic Briones and Daniele Donato

Big Brother's Dani and Dom Briones

Dom and Dani are one of the two couples on this list where we’re kind of stretching the idea of showmance. They weren’t technically a showmance during their time in the Big Brother 13 house. However, it was obvious that there was something there that went beyond friendship. After Big Brother 13 ended, they remained friends and that blossomed into love.

Dom and Dani have been married since 2013 and now have a child together. They often showcase their beautiful love on their social media pages. It’s hard not to go aww every time we see a new image from them. Dom and Dani are clearly madly in love, and it’s in such a natural way that you feel like you’re just looking at one of your couple friends. It just feels organic and real.

6. Demetres Giannitsos and Ika Wong

Big Brother Canada's Demetres and Ika

Ika had already made a name for herself when she entered the Big Brother Canada 5 house. The queen of shredding letters was known for her tough attitude and not caring what others thought. However, she returned to the Big Brother Canada house different from the woman we all met in season 2. She was a little bit nicer and more fun. Despite this, no one expected her to get into a showmance, especially not with Demetres.

Pre-season, fans had already written him off as a typical meathead. They, like Ika, were shocked to learn that he was a genuine, nice, funny, and caring guy. The couple quickly won fans and became a universally liked showmance, a rarity in the Big Brother community. It’s been almost two years and they have been going strong with a successful Youtube channel and more. Ika and Demetres are one of the most balanced showmances of all time. They really understand each other. Their yin and yang relationship makes it really hard to not like their romance. They’re so shippable.

5. Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo

Big Brother Victor and Nicole

Victor and Nicole are the second couple that we’re stretching the concept of showmances. Victor and Nicole met during Big Brother 18, but their romance didn’t start until a year after the season concluded. During that season, Nicole was in a showmance with another houseguest. Victor and Nicole were just friends then, but it was obvious to anyone with eyes that Victor had a huge crush on Nicole. He often flirted with her, despite her then showmance. We just weren’t sure how she felt about him.

Once Victor and Nicole officially became a couple, it was obvious that they really loved each other. We saw a new version of Nicole: free, happy, and gushing about her love. Last season, the couple returned to the house so that Victor could ask her to marry him. The newly engaged couple continue to have lots of laughs, fun, and fall deeper in love. Their romance shows that when you find the right one, it’s something special.

4.Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

Jessica and Cody were another Big Brother showmance where they had an instant connection. It was only made stronger when Jessica had to pick between the house and Cody. She picked him. It turned out well for her, because they later appeared on The Amazing Race together and won the grand prize. Now the couple is happily married and expecting their first child together at any moment.

Jessica and Cody work well together because they know a strong romance requires sacrifice and compromise. It also requires a partner that’s willing to use a Halting Hex to save your Big Brother life.

3. Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher

Big Brother Faysal and Haleigh

Faysal and Haleigh fought and denied their feelings for each other almost all of Big Brother 20. Then they said what the heck, let’s go for it. They managed to somehow, kind of, sort-of keep their romance secret from the other houseguests. However, once they got to the jury house, they were able to be open with their love.

Since leaving the Big Brother 20 house, their romance has just grown stronger. They’ve constantly visited each other and taken vacations together. Once Haleigh graduates, they even mentioned possibly moving in together. Faysal and Haleigh continue to be that funny, fearless, and fluffy couple that we grew to enjoy in the Big Brother house.

2. Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen

Big Brother Tyler and Angela

Tyler and Angela might be the most unexpected Big Brother couple. Tyler was so focused on the game during the first half of Big Brother 20 that we thought there was no way a romance was in his future. Angela was so guarded that we thought there was a zero chance that some guy could hit her heart. We were wrong. Angela and Tyler’s romance started slowly, but once they fell for each other, it was like watching two kids fall in love for the first time.

It was sweet, gentle, and full of those awkward firsts. Now Angela and Tyler have moved out of the Big Brother house and into their own apartment together. The two continue to thrive together and apart. These two lovebirds continue to grow and their love grows stronger with them.

1. Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd

Big Brother Jeff and Jordan

It’s fitting that Jordan and Jeff get the top spot as they were Big Brother‘s defining showmance. Back in Big Brother 11, America fell in love with their romance. She was the sweet young Southern girl and he was the slightly older city boy. They helped each other survive the house, and he helped her win the season.

Post-Big Brother, they became a major staple of the franchise, appearing on multiple CBS programs and eventually returning to Big Brother for the 13th season. They also returned to get engaged in the house. Now Jeff and Jordan are married with two children. They’re America’s sweetheart showmance.

Now that you’ve seen the ranking. Let us know which Big Brother showmance is your favorite.

Picture credits, the Instagrams of Cody Nickson, Jessica Graf, Swaggy C Williams, Victor Arroyo, Nicole Franzel, Jordan Lloyd, Ika Wong, Haleigh Broucher, Angela Rummans, Tyler Crispen, and Piliar Nemer

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