Big Brother 20’s Angela Rummans Set for Bold and Beautiful Appearance

In October, Brett Robinson and Tyler Crispen became the first Big Brother 20 houseguests to appear on The Bold and the Beautiful. Back then, we said that we weren’t sure if other houseguests would appear on it in the future. We thought this might be a possibility since Big Brother 17 broke the trend by having houseguests appear before and after the initial announcement, which usually happens right after the season finale.

Angela Rummans to Appear on the Bold and Beautiful

Not only can Big Brother houseguests appear anywhere from weeks before the finale to months after it, but sometimes it becomes a regular gig. Last year, Jessica Graf had a regular appearance on The Bold and The Beautiful, appearing multiple times, including with her husband Cody Nickson. Now another Big Brother 20 alumni will make her debut on the series: Angela Rummans. On November 22, 2018, Angela revealed that she would appear on the soap opera through her instagram story.

She posted a series of images to let her fans know about this exciting news. One image was just Angela right in front of the CBS Bold and Beautiful studio lot. The other was an actual clip of her episode, which airs November 30, 2018. The scene Angela appears in also includes Wayne Brady.

Last month, it was officially announced that Brady would be becoming a series regular on the show. He’ll be playing a doctor and continue to have double duties with this gig and hosting Let’s Make a Deal . Brady filmed his first episode (which is the November 30 episode) on October 26, which means Angela filmed in October as well.

Angela Rummans to Appear on the Bold and Beautiful

Not much is known yet about Angela’s appearance, but Tyler and her interviewed with the Hollywood Reporter recently, and more information might come out about it when that article launches on Monday, November 26, 2018.

Are you excited to see Angela on The Bold and the Beautiful? Who else from Big Brother 20 would you like to see on the show?

Additional Reporting by Tamara Kennedy

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