We are heading into the fourth week inside the Big Brother 23 house, and we just saw our first true blindside of the season. Brent Champagne was sent home over Britini D’Angelo under the reign of Xavier Prather as Head of Household in a rather unexpected moment for Brent.

Big Brother HOH Christian

The new HOH is Christian Birkenberger, and tonight he must nominate two Big Brother 23 houseguests to the block for eviction this week. There is one thing standing in his way, and that is the last Wildcard competition. Who will win the last chance of Wildcard safety, and more importantly, will they use it? Let’s find out tonight.

Week Four Head of Household Win Celebration

Christian and the Kings are safe for the week. Interestingly, they are the only Big Brother team left with all four members which are Christian, Xavier, Alyssa Lopez, and Sarah Beth Steagall. The remainder of the house is a bit envious of these guys, to say the least. This is the second straight HOH win for the Kings.

The Royal Flush is also pretty excited with one of their members winning HOH. The Royal Flush alliance includes the Kings, Queens (Claire Rehfuss, Kyland Young, and Tiffany Mitchell), and Derek Xiao from the Aces.

Big Brother 23 Kings Meet

The Kings meet and talk about their original plan if they won the HOH, which was to nominate Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddah to the Big Brother block. They are not in agreement as to which one to target this week, but they agree on the block nominees at this point.

Week Four Wildcard Competition

Claire from the Queens, Whitney from the Aces, and Azah Awasum from the Jokers will be playing in this last Big Brother 23 Wildcard competition.

This Big Brother competition is called Olive Shook Up. The houseguests must transfer an oversized olive down the martini glass and into the toothpick holder. But, there’s a twist. At intermittent times in the competition, the electricity will go out leaving the houseguests in the dark. The first player to roll their olive to victory wins the Wildcard.

After a hard-fought battle between the three houseguests in the Big Brother 23 house, Claire won the Wildcard competition.

Big Brother 23 Claire Rehfuss

Claire is offered safety for her entire team (the Queens) for one week OR she can choose safety for herself only for two weeks guaranteeing her a seat on the jury. Her team members from the Queens, Ky, and Tiffany are happy for her and encourage her to take the jury seat safety for herself.

Claire chose safety for just herself for two weeks. Claire has officially made the jury.

Christian Meets With The Big Brother House

The Royal Flush gathered in the Big Brother HOH room to discuss and finalize the target and nominees for the week. After going back and forth, they are narrowed down to Britini, Whitney, and Hannah for the block nominees.

The Cookout alliance also met and talked about their best options for the nominations this week. Britini and Whitney are the most popular targets from the Cookout.

Big Brother 23 HOH Meeting

Christian decided to speak directly with Hannah about being a pawn on the Big Brother block this week. Christian came away from that meeting realizing that Hannah is a very good player. He is torn on what to do this week.

Week Four Block Nomination Ceremony

At the Big Brother 23 nomination ceremony, Christian nominated Whitney and Hannah to the block for eviction. However, he does not know which one to target as of yet. That is still to be determined. This should be a fun week inside the Big Brother 23 house.

Tune in again on Wednesday, August 4 at 8/7c for the Power of Veto competition right here in Big Brother Access.

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