Big Brother 19 News: New Season Premiere Promo

Big Brother fans know the agony of waiting for a new season. We may have had an extra long Big Brother year with Big Brother Over the Top following Big Brother 18, and now Big Brother Canada 5. However, nothing beats the good old summer season. Big Brother 19 is less than two months away. This means Big Brother 2017 fans will now get tons of news coming their way.

Big Brother 19 Preview video

Big Brother 19 premieres Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 8/7 CT, so we have to wait a little while before we meet the cast, and find out any spoilers about the latest twists. To make our wait easier, CBS recently released a promotional video showcasing some of the major Big Brother 18 moments.

The Big Brother 19 preview video focuses on a few major Big Brother norms: crying, fighting, and hot people. The video starts with former players crying in the diary room, such as Paulie Calafiore, Michelle Meyer, and Bridgette Dunning. Next, we see the infamous Paulie and Da’Vonne Rodgers jury house argument.

Of course, the promo then shows a few images of the players showing off their bodies. The BB19 promo uses a lot of clips from Big Brother 18 and Big Brother 16, probably because those were two of the most social media talked about season. The promo made sure to assure fans that host Julie Chen isn’t going anywhere. She’ll be back in June with the new cast members.

Did this Big Brother 19 preview get you pumped for the new season?

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